Weekend in Review

This past weekend was SO busy and wonderful! Not just busy in the “we’re new parents and don’t really go out” sense… but for real busy.

On Friday, we headed to Lake Country to visit my sweet little love of a friend, her hubby and their NEW baby girl, Bailey, in the hospital. It was such perfection to hold her warm and cozy little cutie. Charlie enjoyed the visit, too! She loves to point out the obvious… “hey momma, look… that’s a baby”… “hey momma, loook… the baby is crying”… “hey momma – waaaa – I sound like the baby.”

Yes, I “paraphrased” her grunts and pointing.

 After our visit, we headed to this cute little Italian restaurant with our friends Erica and Jake. We were a little nervous because we didn’t sit down for dinner until around 6:30/6:45ish… which is Charlie’s bed time. BUT, she was very well behaved and allowed us to have real adult conversation and a really great time. She even FELL ASLEEP IN THE CAR!!!

First, we taught her to drive!

 Up until about a month ago, this child has not dozed in the car since she was a tiny tot.

On Saturday, Marky went golfing with his friends while I lived out my nightmare with the animals. I will post separately about the shit storm that has been our pets these past few weeks, but to summarize, I went in to change Charlotte after her nap. Within seconds, Oliver the Cat waltzed in, strolled behind Charlotte’s glider and URINATED on her carpet with his evil ammonia pee. I proceeded to soak up pee for the next 15 minutes while Charlotte projectile sobbed in my face. It was fab.

 I was desperate to get out, so after the urination game, Charlie and I met my parents, neice and nephew at Strawberry Fest for lunch (a cute little festival in a neighboring town). After the fest, Charlie and I went home for a nap.

Post-nap, Charlotte went to her Grandpa and Grandma’s (Mark’s dad and step mom’s house) for a sleepover party! Of course she was pumped. She loves them and Grampie lets her play with whatever she wants. They had an absolute blast and Charlie was very well-behaved.

While she enjoyed her slumber party, Mark and I went to a housewarming party at his friend’s house downtown. It was great! They had the cutest little setup on their driveway. Their house is great. It was a nice night amongst adults.

Then, Sunday we were up early to pick up the little one and head to Chicago to see my brosef. We were a little nervous about driving out there because unless Charlotte miraculously slept in the car, she’d be without a nap all day… which she’s never actually done before. We rigged a little cave for Charlotte in the back seat and actually managed to get her to sleep for about an hour of our 1.5 hour drive.

It was enough to keep her happy for a great day! We went to lunch and then walked through a cute little art fair! It was SO much fun to be out and hang with my brother. It was definitely the most time he’s spent with Charlotte and I have to say, it was perfect. She absolutely loved his goofy nature and he seemed to have a lot of fun playing with her. It really made me so happy.

After Uncle Matt time, we stopped by my friend Marci’s house to smooch her and her little baby who is already 6 weeks old! And of course, we had to introduce the future husband and wife!

Then, grabbed a quick dinner and headed home. At dinner, Charlie met her first ex-boyfriend! It was another little babe who was just 2 weeks older than her. The two were FLIRTING up a storm… staring at each other, chatting, showing off. It was way too cute. Notice her facing away from the table?? She was watching her new bf.

After din, we got on the road… two hours later, poor Charlie didn’t get in bed until 9 pm, but thankfully slept most of the way home. She literally fell asleep within 45 seconds of being strapped in her carseat.All in all, a busy and great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. I’m happy you added that you were paraphrasing for her grunts and pointing- cause for a sec I was thinking she was talking like that and def had a moment of “Is Elliot delayed?!”…he has few words..like none I feel. Not worried yet…but was for a split second! lol. What a nice full couple days you had!!! Weekends need to be longer though..all the time!

    • Don’t worry!! Charlotte barely “says” anything… She says “woof” for dog, “mamamamammama” and “dadadadada”… And sometimes will say “bahh” for ball and for what does the sheep say… But it’s random when she’ll actually participate. The only “word” she says on command is woof.

      • Oh good!!! I honestly felt like Elliot turning one was going to be a magical day where he’d walk and start talking..lol. I’m happy I still have these things to look forward to- they are growing up to fast! I’ll have to start teaching Elliot- Woof!!!

      • Charlotte started that one on her own… Our pup is so well behaved 🙂 But then I just started repeating it and asking her what Toby says. Now she points and woofs anytime she sees a dog. It’s pretty silly!

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