Cuddles with my Girl

As some of you may know, we are not co-sleeping people and are actually quite strict about sleep. This translates to C sleeping in her bed about 99% of the time (with the occassional car nap thrown in).

This also translates to zero cuddly nappy moments… until this morning!

Little Charlie woke up around 6 (which is early) and was crying, but still face down in bed. We tried our normal tactics (talking to her through the monitor, playing lullabys through the monitor, waiting it out, praying she falls back to sleep)…nothing worked.

So, I decided I’d go into her room and rub her back in hopes that she’d go back to sleep or at least settle down. Mark’s been sick, so I was worried she wasn’t feeling well.

With that, I crept into her room and plopped down in bed next to her (have I mentioned how much I LOVE that she’s in a full-size bed??). This began the best two hours ever. My little sweet pie wrapped her arm around my neck, climbed up on top of my belly and we cuddled – going in and out of sleep – for the next couple of hours.

It was amazingly perfect. Definitely much needed, as the guilt of new baby and the upcoming demands he will bring are setting in.

Mark took some pictures of us through the video monitor…

Sick Cuddles 1Sick Cuddles 2Sick Cuddles 3Sick Cuddles 4Sick Cuddles 5

Best. Morning. Ever.

The New Nose Frida Spokesmodel

I think Charlie has a future as the new Nose Frida spokesmodel… Right? Poor little bumpkin has a cold. So sad. 

 13 year old Charlie, don’t hate me. I had to catch a couple frida pics. Your poor sweet face is priceless. 

A New Day

  The bunny has been really sick the past few days. Whatever she’d been fighting last week came to a head on Sunday when she was bashed with a terrible cough, horribly stuffy nose and a fever. Poor girl.
She was so uncomfortable and sick that every time she’d sleep, she’d wake herself up coughing this terrible cough and choking on nasty goober, which ended in howls and tears every time.

Yesterday, she could barely nap. She’d lay down, fall asleep, and then wake up 30 minutes later coughing and crying. It was really sad.

Which makes me SO grateful that she finally slept all the way through the night last night with no tears AND took a mega nap this morning from 8:30a – 12:15p! GO CHARLIE!

Not to mention the fact that she’s got her pep back. It’s not all the way back, but it’s definitely on its way!

Thank goodness… watching the babes struggle is horrible.

As a side note, do you notice how great her nose looks considering she had a horribly stuffy nose?? My mother-in-law taught us a trick… A touch of Vaseline on the nose and voila! No redness or cracked skin! I know, I know… Vaseline isn’t the best in general, but for how infrequently it’s used in our house, this trick is sticking for good. Happy nose = happy baby!


I’m pretty sure our polka dotted bunny has roseola. After having a fever through Sunday morning, she woke up a sweat… The fever had broken! 

Almost instantly, a rash started developing on her tum and neck. It’s since spread to her face.

Besides the rash, her biggest symptoms since yesterday have been exhaustion (she slept most of the day yesterday) and cranky pants.

She is definitely not a happy-go-lucky babes today, which is okay. The crabby face is sick. I get it.

We have her 9 month check up tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get confirmation then.



Sleep Regression

As a lovely side effect of Charlotte’s cold, she’s suffering (well, we’re all suffering) from some major sleep regression. The girl does NOT want to go to sleep. Maybe it’s because we’ve been coddling her or she’s getting used to us coming in at night or maybe it’s her stuffy nose… I have no idea.

What I do know is that she has been crying every time we put her down. Whether it’s for a nap or bedtime.

It’s horrible.

Not just because I HATE when she cries, but also because she’s walking scooting around with red circles under her eyes, yawning non-stop. She needs sleep.

Last night we had to go in at least twice to suction her nose, rock her around, nurse her… beg her to sleep. Ya know, the norm.

Today, nap one is rocky. I just put her down and even before I put her in her crib, she wasn’t having it. So, she cried for a few minutes and now is awake and quiet in the pack and play (I can hear her scratching her nails on the vinyl over the monitor). PLEASE, BABY… close those eyes!

Ugh… she’s crying again…

Wish me luck!

On The Mend

Last night, Charlotte’s two night streak of night wakings ended. I was pretty grateful for the extra sleep, because I’m definitely fighting off her cold.

She woke up seeming much better! No fever, nose was still stuffy, but not nearly as bad, and she just looked better.


The negative? 

Apparently she has decided she’d like to make up for lost time with her toys and is boycotting her morning nap to leave more time for playing.

I tried letting her cry it out, I tried going in periodically to soothe… Nothing worked. 

So, after 1.5 hours, I’m letting her burn off steam… 



Still Sick But Getting Better (I Hope)

My sweet girl was still sick today. She had a fever early this morning and again this afternoon.

However, her temperament was way better. Yesterday she was inconsolable and  barely napped… Today, she took three naps, each over an hour, not to mention the fact that there were far less tears.

I’m hopeful that her little nosey will dry up, her fever will break and maybe… Just maybe… She’ll sleep through the night tonight. 

the snot-nosed princess

“mommy, I don’t feel well!”

She is such a sweetie pie… even when she doesn’t feel well.

My Baby is Sick

The poor bunny has been sick since last night when she woke up in the middle of the night crying her little face off (twice). 

She literally spent a decent amount of the day crying very hard… Although, we did have some happy times, too.

We took a bath and splashed around, we played… And actually, Charlotte pulled herself up to standing by herself today. 

The negative: tiny Charlie has such a runny nose, she’s sneezing, coughing and has had a fever since late afternoon. 

If she’s still sick tomorrow, I’m going to bring her to the doc just to be sure she doesn’t have an ear infection.

One thing that was interesting… I was really insecure about whether or not I would be able to tell if Charlotte had a fever by touching her head. All day, I kept touching her head to see if I thought she had a fever. All day I was unsure… Until late this afternoon. 

I just knew. The feeling of her face and her whole body. 

It felt good to know I had that mom skill. But poor bunny.



Baby’s First Cold

At around 1:45 this morning, the sweet bambino woke up totally congested and coughing. It was really sad. We used the nose frieda, which actually worked really well… Although Charlotte does not enjoy it. Her eyes bulge out of her head and she desperately tries to sniff all the boogs back into her nose as I’m trying to suck them out. Yuck.

As an FYI, we called the doc this morning and she said to monitor her temp and make sure she doesn’t have a rash. If her rectal temp was over 100.6, she would need to be seen.

Anyway, the sweet girl was sick all day, which made my attempt at getting her into good sleep habits easier. She took a 3 hour nap, a 2 hour nap and a 45 minute nap today and was asleep by 8. Pretty good! Sleeping after 1-2 hours of wakefulness, as our sleep book recommends.

Hopefully her good sleep habits will last through the night. This momma is tired.

Despite her stuffy nose and cough, she was in pretty good spirits today. Check out her mini smile on our walk today (and don’t judge her for rocking pjs all day… It was a sick day!).




And here she is reading and playing with her pops and pup…