Weeks 37 & 38

I of course didn’t update the blog last week with all of Charlie’s latest and greatest… And of course, I can’t remember everything.

Here are the highlights from the past two weeks:

  • Charlie started giving kisses more freely. She legit knows what it means when we say, “give me a kiss” or “give so-and-so a kiss”… AND she gives them more willingly. She’s so sweet! 
  • As of this week, Charlie is non-stop trying to stand. She’s also been lunging forward. She gets up on her knees and then flies forward.
  • Charlie has been so mommy-focused. She climbs up me and gives me big hugs. It melts my heart every time.
  • Charlie’s sleep has been nice and solid. Going down easily, sleeping well, and just being awesome.
  • In the past 2-3 weeks, Charlie has expanded her loves to include bread. She’s now eating (and loving) wheat. This week, we gave her pasta with tomato sauce. Another big win!

Here are the pics…






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