So Much Sweetness

I know it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me to be oogling over my child, but this time, it’s serious. She has been such crazy levels of sweet these past two days. It hurts my brain.

She’s chatty and loving and happy and oy. To say I’m over the moon would be the understatement of the year.

For your enjoyment, I captured some of our top moments on video…

Charlie winning over Daddy with her precious little smoochies:

This past week, Charlie started humming along while I sing to her. It literally melts my heart. Don’t mind my terrible voice… Also, don’t mind the black screen. I took this video while I was putting her to bed:

Daddy Smoosh Time:

Rollie Pollie at Work:

                 NOTE: Lunch was not filled with cuteness… it was more along the excessive whining, not very fun line. Can’t win them all!

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