Super Soaker

No, I am not talking about the water guns… I’m talking about my out of control milk maids. It’s so random, but last night I was telling a friend about how a few weeks ago, Charlotte was minding her own business, eating a milk snack when she backed off for a break. To her surprise, my boobs didn’t get the memo and literally sprayed her right in the face. She was so surprised… nobody enjoys milk in the eye.

Now, fast forward to today. I woke up totally engorged. (Sorry for the TMI if you’re reading this, Grandpa.) Anyway, I had fed Charlotte last night at 10:30 pm and decided not to pump after. Typically, my routine is to put her to sleep around 6:30 with a big milk snack and then pump before bed (around 10). Since we’ve been doing bottles at night and my husband had the first shift, I slept until 6:30 am (thank you, sweet girl, for choosing not to wake up more than once last night). Anyway, I woke up at 6:30 really needing to get rid of some milk. I fed Charlotte, but unfortunately, she wasn’t as hungry as I needed her to be and I was in a rush to get ready for work and didn’t have time to pump.

Once we got to work and got settled, I proceeded to feed the sweet girl again and holy smokes. My boobs were literal weapons. Not only were they releasing excessive amounts of milk at extreme speeds causing the poor girl to keep choking, but they were out of control spraying everywhere. All over her face, all over me… it was a mess. I was literally trying to block the milk spray with my hand and of course, I didn’t have a burp cloth with me so I’m wiping excessive amounts of milk on my jeans, sweater, etc. and using my white shirt to wipe up the milk that was overflowing from her mini mouth. Oy. All the while, I’m trying to make the situation peaceful so she would go down for her nap.

A real milksplosion.

After she went down for her nap, I decided it was time to pump so we could have less dangerous feedings for the remainder of the day. I pumped out 8.5 ounces! Mind you, that was after I had fed her and sprayed milk all over the conference room at work.

Just another day in the life of a breastfeeding momma 🙂




3 thoughts on “Super Soaker

  1. This post had me dying… I wanted to laugh hysterically ALL while feeling SO badly for you and your milk weapons! ha, ha. So I apologize for chuckling! 😉 I’m sure that I’ll experience this first-hand someday. 😉
    Question though! How do you balance pumping and then actually feeding from your – ahem – girls? 🙂 Do you find that you easily have enough to do both? I will be working two days a week and plan to mostly nurse, but I’ll have to pump for the days that I’m working. And I’m not sure how it works in regards to stockpiling milk for those work-days. Maybe I’m worrying about nothing?

    • My understanding is that it all depends. Some people struggle to produce any excess milk, some don’t. Thankfully, my supply has always been good (with a few little day-long dips mixed in there). Not to mention the fact that Charlotte slept through the night for about 3 weeks. I would pump every night and wasn’t using any of the milk, so I was able to build up a good supply. I didn’t pump until she was probably at least a month old though. Charlotte was eating just about every second in the beginning and my nipples literally felt like they might fall off, so I honestly don’t think I pumped at all. Or maybe just VERY rarely. You just have to pay attention to your little one’s schedule and you’ll find a regular time to get a supply going. Then you’ll just need to pump on your working days to maintain. You’ll be great! As for the milky mess… I will say, despite the chaos, it was super funny. She looked so surprised every time she took milk to the face.

      • That’s a VERY good point… I suppose everyone is different as some struggle to provide enough milk while others are super soakers! 😉
        Thank you for the tips and encouragement!!!!

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