Make the night wakings stop!

Last night was terrible. I kind of figured it would be because Charlotte barely napped yesterday. She had a delayed 40 minutes in the AM and then didn’t fall asleep for her PM nap until about 430. 

Then, she didn’t get to bed until a little after 8.

The stage was set.

Beginning around 5 am, she was on and off screaming/whining until Mark finally went in there after 6.

Of course I was up until 1 am (a time I didn’t know still existed) working on some stuff for my friend’s baby shower this afternoon.

Anyway, the crying and whining is so bizarre. Charlotte is literally asleep. When we actually go in there, it takes a bit of back rubbing to actually get her to wake up, which is always followed by sobbing.

It’s literally the worst.

Please make this phase end. I miss my great sleeper. 

On a positive note, at least she’s catching up. Baby girl is still sleeping currently (it’s nearly 930 am).

On a negative note, we were supposed to have our family pics this morning, but cancelled because there was a 70-90% chance of rain. Guess what? Not raining.


Night Wakings

Charlotte keeps waking up in full screaming cries. Mostly it’s been happening at night, but just happened during her nap.

Prior to these very abrupt and sad wakings, she’s been a very good sleeper. She rarely cries and almost never at such an inconsolable level.

Has anyone experienced this at all?

It almost seems like she’s having nightmares… but why so many all of a sudden? Ugh. Make it end…