27 Big Bumpdate Weeks


bump close up

 How far along: 27 Weeks (I started this post at 27 weeks and am finishing tonight at 27 weeks and 4 days… Oops)

Total weight gain: Yesterday (last week) our sales guy was in the office for the first time since the holidays. As we were chatting, he interupted himself and said, “WOW! You’re really getting big.” I barely looked up at him and said, “Yeah, you, too!” Without a smile, laugh or hint of a joke.


Maybe that was a little harsh, but he caught me in a sensitive moment (week? month? 10 months?).

Maternity clothes: I need some new stuff and don’t know where to go. I was thinking maybe I’d head over to Destination Maternity/Pea in the Pod this weekend. I think I have $50 in store credit from my last pregnancy.

Stretch marks: Body is definitely stretching, but thankfully no marks yet.

Sleep: Last night I had the weirdest dream that I could feel the baby falling and flipping when I rolled from one side to the other. I’m thinking that he was up all night squiggling (I’m not 100% sure what squiggling is, but that’s what his movements feel like. A combo of twisty pinchy movements.).

Otherwise my sleep has been okay. Definitely a lot of weird/loud dreams lately. I need to calm it down. Maybe I need to go back to reading books (instead of Facebook or Pinterest) before bed.

Best moment of this week: I had such a great weekend and a lovely time brunching with my ladies, their men and all of the babes. It just makes my heart happy. I’ll post more pics, but here’s one of all the kiddies…  

 Miss anything: not today! Today I’m feeling good.

Movement: So. Much. Movement. He’s really starting to feel giant! Tonight I felt an elbow or knee. I just love it! I feel like he’s going to be here in no time!

Food cravings: This weekend at brunch, I ate a half a donut. Mmmmmmmm. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada. 

Have you started to show yet: I’m a walking show. 

Gender: little man!

Labor signs: Still having a pretty decent amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. But nothing real.

Belly button in or out: My belly button is getting weird. It pokes out a little, but only because it’s so stretched.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but sometimes I wish off.

Happy or moody most of the time: I’m happy today!

Looking forward to: My sweetie pie Kate is coming home this weekend for her shower! I’m excited to see her and to catch up.

26 Week Bumpdate

    How far along: 26 Weeks, 5 Days

Total weight gain: Haven’t been on the scale this week. Probably a good thing. I also haven’t been to the gym this week. I’d been doing SO well, but dropped the ball over the past week or so, as we’ve been super busy.

To add to my lack of gym time, my lovely father said to me yesterday, “You’re really carrying much bigger this time!” Add that to the list of comments that require a follow-up punch in the gut.

Maternity clothes: I still need more maternity clothes. Haven’t bought anything since I last mentioned that.

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free… which reminds me, I STILL need to buy more vitamin e oil.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately. I’ve actually been comfortable on my back. I have to be inclined and angled, but still. I’m pretty comfy.

Best moment of this week: We had a really great Valentine’s Day Weekend! It was a ton of fun! AND, we started our Love & Logic Class that I won… FOR FREE! The class is 6 weeks, 2 hours per week. We’ve had one class and already it’s great. I just love talking parenting and learning new ways to stay sane and better handle the tot.

Miss anything: I miss not feeling chubby. The past few days, I’ve not been feeling so pretty. I think I need to get my butt back to the gym.

Movement: This tiny man creature is SUCH a mover and a shaker. Multiple times this week, I’ve literally jumped out of my seat because he’s poked in such a way that feels like a part tickle, part inside pinch. Silly bugger.

Food cravings: I like sweet things. And pizza. I’ve also still been craving donuts. Before this pregnancy is over, I will have a donut.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Just a bit.

Gender: A gentleman.

Labor signs: I have a decent amount of very mild braxton hicks.

Belly button in or out: My belly button is disappearing.

Wedding rings on or off: Mornings are my fingers’ least favorite time of day.

Happy or moody most of the time: I think I’ve been a happy little lady lately. As long as you’re not calling my fat. That tends to piss me off pretty quickly.

Looking forward to: We’re going to make some good progress on the rooms this weekend! I’m looking forward to that, because it’s really starting to stress me out.


24 Week Bumpdate & Check Up

  How far along: 24 Weeks, 3 Days (OVER 6 MONTHS! That’s insane. Time really is flying by. Some moments I feel like this entire pregnancy has just been a giant blur. When I look down, I have moments of complete surprise. Like somehow I’ve totally forgotten that I’m pregnant. I guess a toddler will do that to you.)

Total weight gain: Oh goodness… I had my 24-week check up today and of course it was at 2:30… right after I downed my lunch. Remind me next time to eat AFTER I have to step on the scale. SO, I’m up 5.5 lbs this MONTH. And 15 total. But I’m going to justify that at least 1-2 lbs was my food baby.

As a side, I had hoped to work out after my appointment. Unfortunately, it ended too early that I couldn’t justify not going back to work. So, what did I do instead? Yes, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced chai and a warm cookie (PS: they heat up your cookie for you…). Shit. That was pretty much the opposite of what I had planned and probably the last thing a rational person does after feeling disappointed by a weight check. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better, right?

Maternity clothes: I need some more basic maternity shirts. Nice stretchy, soft long ones. I was thinking H&M. Any other suggestions?

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free… which reminds me, I need to buy more vitamin e oil.

Sleep: I’m feeling pretty tired today, so this probably isn’t a good time to ask. This morning I was woken up by the silliest toddler ever. At 4am, the tiny one decided it was meeting time with Teddy & the gang. I’m not sure if it was Teddy or Baby, but someone was cracking jokes that had Charlie giggling away in her crib. Her little one-sided chat (and giggle fest) lasted at least a half an hour until she suddenly got quiet and passed out. Such a strange little babes.

Best moment of this week: Not to make a habit of highlighting the worst parts of my week when answering this question… BUT, can I just mention that we had the worst family photo session ever on Saturday? Oy. Charlotte was in mega beast mode. She was whiney and totally unwilling to smile or even come near us. She kept bursting into tears, wouldn’t put down this damn minnie stuffed animal and a tiny jar of paint (yep, both items – neither of which are ours – will appear in many of the photos), and just didn’t play Mommy’s adorable photo session game.

I was so hopeful that we’d get these sweet photos of Charlie giving us kisses and hugs. Pictures that showed our little family of three (and growing fourth). Instead, it will likely depict two stressed parents and a pissed off toddler. I guess that’s life, huh?

On a positive note, I got to see my friend Erica’s little man last night…  

Miss anything: Vacation. I’ve sooooo been craving vacation. We had talked about babymooning, but ultimately decided that it isn’t really worth it. Traveling pregnant is a bit of a buzz kill. We’ll save our dollars for post-eviction travel.

Movement: I officially saw the baby bumpkins attempting escape through my belly this week. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I felt like I couldn’t see C moving around (aka my belly hopping all over) until later in my pregnancy. Either way, it’s great! He’s such a squiggler. I love it.

Food cravings: See above comment regarding chocolate chip cookies. Damn you, sweets!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Don’t patronize me! I think I need to remove this question…

Gender: A gentleman.

Labor signs: None to speak of!

Belly button in or out: Wide open button.

Wedding rings on or off: Mornings are my fingers’ least favorite time of day.

Happy or moody most of the time: Well, I don’t know. I think happy. I’ve been feeling really good. Energized (except today) and productive. I think that’s kept me in a good mood. I guess if you really wanted to know, we’d have to fact-check with the hubs. He is usually the first to know when I’m leaning towards the moody variety.

Looking forward to: Wednesday I have lunch with my girls and their babies! I’m hoping the snow doesn’t delay us… unless it totally cancels work, in which case, I might be okay with it. Then, this weekend, we have plans with our friends who have two kiddies. We haven’t seen them since New Years, so I’m excited to catch up and see how life with a newborn and toddler is treating them. Other excitements… I don’t know. I’m ready to be home with my hubby. I’ll be happy to get home, smoosh my little baby and relax with hubs.


I was so tired, I literally didn’t ask any questions. So here are my stats:

Weight Gain: see above.

BP: 108/… shit. 60 maybe? I can’t remember now.

Heartrate: 88 bpm (I’m so consistent!)

Baby’s Heartrate: I totally forgot to ask. I was too distracted by the tiny little man punching the doppler every few seconds. Clearly he was enjoying his food coma and did not want to be poked.

Next appointment (at 28 weeks) will be my glucose test and I have to get my tetanus shot. FML. Guys, I hate shots. Nevermind 24 hours of unmedicated labor… I’m terrified of needles.

23 Weeks, 4 Days

I took this photo on the 23 week mark (aka last Friday), but didn’t post it because my face looked especially bloated and was hoping to do a retake but have ultimately given up. With that said, ignore my puffy face.


1/22/16 – Got my little love bug with me 🙂

How far along: 23 Weeks, 4 Days

Total weight gain: I meant to check and then I forgot. Truly. I’m not even just saying that but really avoiding the scale. I’ll try to remember.

Maternity clothes: Maternity leggings are my best friend. I swear, my body just aint what it used to be. My boobs feel like at any given moment they’re literally going to explode. Ugh.

Stretch marks: Still none… so there’s that! Go me!

Sleep: Sleeping is okay. A bit uncomfortable with the side sleeping. My arm and shoulder tend to go numb depending on which side I’m laying on. I have found a comfortable position though… I have to be pretty well propped up and maybe a hint angled to one side and then I’m able to sleep on my back without feeling winded.

Best moment of this week: This past week (and through the weekend), we moved our office to another building. This was not the best moment of my week; however, being all moved in and done with the madness feels pretty good. Let’s just say that moving your work office… with your parents… well, it’s not that fun. Thankfully, we managed to have only one screaming argument (this week) and it was quickly resolved. To add to the joys of moving, our furnace at home died, we found out our shower was leaking into the basement (in the unfinished and finished portion) and we’re all sick… AGAIN. Somehow, we’re managing to stay in good spirits.

Miss anything: Cold meds. I would love a little nyquil or sudafed right about now.

Movement: The bugger must be getting big. The movements are definitely getting stronger! I absoltely love it. It’s just my favorite. I think he’s going to be a little food lover just like his parents because every time I put a tiny bit of food in my belly, he jumps for joy. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. I’m looking forward to having Charlotte feel him move. We got close the other day, but then Miss Bossy realized I was holding onto her hand and the game ended.

Food cravings: Cake. Cake. Cake. Donuts. Cake. Ice Cream. It’s terrible. Thankfully I haven’t indulged, but I feel myself caving. I need a sweet treat ASAP. Last night I was so desperate for a treat that I made homemade chocolate milk. It was actually very easy and pretty tasty (just milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, and sugar). I drank about half of my glass and then gave it to Mark. Tasty, but no wedding cake.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: The question is, “are there any angles where you’re managing not to show?” Answer: None that I can see.

Gender: A little newsie.

Labor signs: No, but I have been thinking about labor a lot. At first, I felt 100% convinced that I was going to end up having a c-section and now, for whatever reason, I feel more worried (if I’m being honest) that this baby is going to come naturally. I really do want a natural birth experience, but with my experience with Charlotte looming in my mind, I can’t help but feel a little nervous about the whole thing. I don’t feel as mentally strong as I felt last time. I’m a wounded soldier.

Belly button in or out: I would die of shock if my belly button popped out.

Wedding rings on or off: Ugh, my fingers are already swelling…

Happy or moody most of the time: With the move this past week, I tried VERY hard to focus my energies on not being cranky. To just be relaxed and go-with-the-flowish… a quality that isn’t really in my wheelhouse. Regardless, I think it worked. Although that might be what’s left me feeling desperate for cake. Eat your feelings, anyone?

Looking forward to: Tonight we get C’s newly painted big girl bed. The girl who’s refinishing the furniture for us sent us a sneak peek and it’s looking great! So I’m excited to see it. Hmmm. What else? That might be it…


How gorgeous is this bed??


Left: Before in all its green glory, Right: After!!


The dresser that I absolutely adore.


Look how well she cleaned up the original hardware…


22 Weeks & 4 Days

  For some reason, I thought I was 23 weeks this week, which was a bit of a disappointment. BUT, 22 weeks is still pretty far. This little nugget is already 11 inches and I believe a pound. A real big guy 🙂

How far along: 22 Weeks, 4 Days

Total weight gain: I haven’t gotten on the scale since last week. I ate like crap this weekend, so I don’t anticipate loving the number. I’ll check next week!

Maternity clothes: Yes, yes, yes!

Stretch marks: Nope!

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good… EXCEPT, my pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel is back. GRR. Needless to say, I wake up with a lot of pain in my hands. Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse.

Best moment of this week: We had a GREAT time with my cousin and uncle who were in town from Cali. I’ll do a separate post, but it was a lot of fun and Charlotte had a blast. Definitely the highlight of my month. If only they lived closer.

Miss anything: Not too bad this week!

Movement: I know I said this last week, but the little one is such a wiggler. He squirms all day every day. If I wake up in the middle of the night, there he goes, flip flopping around. And actually, he’s definitely a bit quieter during the day. PLEASE, LITTLE GUY, GET YOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS FIGURED OUT NOW… oy. That’s a scary thought. 

Food cravings: I’m ready to get back to home-cooked healthy meals.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Bump, bump, bummmmmp.

Gender: Can’t wait to meet our little man.

Labor signs: I feel like I’ve had Braxton Hicks lately. Typically when I have to pee or when I’m doing something strenuous. I can’t remember when they started last time. Regardless, they’re super mild.

Belly button in or out: The gaping pregnancy belly hole. That sucker isn’t going anywhere.

Wedding rings on or off: On! But they’re tight in the morning.

Happy or moody most of the time: Hmmm. I’ve been pretty split this week. I’m still really on edge. We’re moving office locations at work, which I think is lending to the mood. My parents (who I work with) are stressed, I’m stressed and together, it’s a bit tense. But at home, I feel like I’ve been great. Very happy. Charlie has been a little muffin face and I’ve been loving every minute of this silly toddler age. Except those moments where I want to bang my head against the wall. That’s normal, right?

Looking forward to: We finish off the move this weekend, so I’m excited for that to be over and done. I’m also still looking forward to getting things going on the two kiddie rooms. I’d love to get the new light fixture installed in the nursery and the chandelier moved to C’s new room. Progress, progress, progress.

21 Weeks, 1 Day

How far along: 21 Weeks, 1 Day

Total weight gain: My total is anywhere between 11-13 depending on the scale. Right on track! As a side, baby is over 10″ now! Such a big little guy!

Maternity clothes: All day, every day.

Stretch marks: Nada… yet.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping better lately! Only waking up once a night or not at all! Still pretty tired, but not too bad!

Best moment of this week: I’m really feeling the little guy dance around these days! My placenta is in the front, so it look a little longer, but now he’s a moving machine. It’s interesting because I mostly feel him super low. Like, essentially where my c-section scar is. It’s pretty crazy. 

Miss anything: There is something about this weather that makes me crave red wine or a dirty martini… But I’m surviving 🙂 I also miss being able to buy normal clothes.

Movement: Yes, yes! He’s a wiggle worm in the afternoons and at night. I love it!

Food cravings: We’ve been back to cooking three healthy meals a day, which feels great!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling good!

Have you started to show yet: Yes!

Gender: he’s a sweet pumpkin of a boy!

Labor signs: No, no.

Belly button in or out: holding onto my inny.

Wedding rings on or off: On! But in not going to lie, they’re tight when I first wake up.

Happy or moody most of the time: Well, at the beginning of the week, I was still in quite the funk. Thankfully a good friend helped me pull my head out of it and I’m feeling a lot better. I definitely get crabby faster than normal, but hoping that will pass.

Looking forward to: I’m making progress on both Charlotte’s room and new baby’s. I ordered some stuff that should be arriving soon, so I’m looking forward to getting the rooms set up. BUT, more importantly, my little partner in crime is coming to town! My sweet Cali cousin will be here THURSDAY to play house with us and this time, my uncle is coming, too!! I can’t wait 🙂