24 Week Bumpdate & Check Up

  How far along: 24 Weeks, 3 Days (OVER 6 MONTHS! That’s insane. Time really is flying by. Some moments I feel like this entire pregnancy has just been a giant blur. When I look down, I have moments of complete surprise. Like somehow I’ve totally forgotten that I’m pregnant. I guess a toddler will do that to you.)

Total weight gain: Oh goodness… I had my 24-week check up today and of course it was at 2:30… right after I downed my lunch. Remind me next time to eat AFTER I have to step on the scale. SO, I’m up 5.5 lbs this MONTH. And 15 total. But I’m going to justify that at least 1-2 lbs was my food baby.

As a side, I had hoped to work out after my appointment. Unfortunately, it ended too early that I couldn’t justify not going back to work. So, what did I do instead? Yes, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced chai and a warm cookie (PS: they heat up your cookie for you…). Shit. That was pretty much the opposite of what I had planned and probably the last thing a rational person does after feeling disappointed by a weight check. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better, right?

Maternity clothes: I need some more basic maternity shirts. Nice stretchy, soft long ones. I was thinking H&M. Any other suggestions?

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free… which reminds me, I need to buy more vitamin e oil.

Sleep: I’m feeling pretty tired today, so this probably isn’t a good time to ask. This morning I was woken up by the silliest toddler ever. At 4am, the tiny one decided it was meeting time with Teddy & the gang. I’m not sure if it was Teddy or Baby, but someone was cracking jokes that had Charlie giggling away in her crib. Her little one-sided chat (and giggle fest) lasted at least a half an hour until she suddenly got quiet and passed out. Such a strange little babes.

Best moment of this week: Not to make a habit of highlighting the worst parts of my week when answering this question… BUT, can I just mention that we had the worst family photo session ever on Saturday? Oy. Charlotte was in mega beast mode. She was whiney and totally unwilling to smile or even come near us. She kept bursting into tears, wouldn’t put down this damn minnie stuffed animal and a tiny jar of paint (yep, both items – neither of which are ours – will appear in many of the photos), and just didn’t play Mommy’s adorable photo session game.

I was so hopeful that we’d get these sweet photos of Charlie giving us kisses and hugs. Pictures that showed our little family of three (and growing fourth). Instead, it will likely depict two stressed parents and a pissed off toddler. I guess that’s life, huh?

On a positive note, I got to see my friend Erica’s little man last night…  

Miss anything: Vacation. I’ve sooooo been craving vacation. We had talked about babymooning, but ultimately decided that it isn’t really worth it. Traveling pregnant is a bit of a buzz kill. We’ll save our dollars for post-eviction travel.

Movement: I officially saw the baby bumpkins attempting escape through my belly this week. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I felt like I couldn’t see C moving around (aka my belly hopping all over) until later in my pregnancy. Either way, it’s great! He’s such a squiggler. I love it.

Food cravings: See above comment regarding chocolate chip cookies. Damn you, sweets!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Don’t patronize me! I think I need to remove this question…

Gender: A gentleman.

Labor signs: None to speak of!

Belly button in or out: Wide open button.

Wedding rings on or off: Mornings are my fingers’ least favorite time of day.

Happy or moody most of the time: Well, I don’t know. I think happy. I’ve been feeling really good. Energized (except today) and productive. I think that’s kept me in a good mood. I guess if you really wanted to know, we’d have to fact-check with the hubs. He is usually the first to know when I’m leaning towards the moody variety.

Looking forward to: Wednesday I have lunch with my girls and their babies! I’m hoping the snow doesn’t delay us… unless it totally cancels work, in which case, I might be okay with it. Then, this weekend, we have plans with our friends who have two kiddies. We haven’t seen them since New Years, so I’m excited to catch up and see how life with a newborn and toddler is treating them. Other excitements… I don’t know. I’m ready to be home with my hubby. I’ll be happy to get home, smoosh my little baby and relax with hubs.


I was so tired, I literally didn’t ask any questions. So here are my stats:

Weight Gain: see above.

BP: 108/… shit. 60 maybe? I can’t remember now.

Heartrate: 88 bpm (I’m so consistent!)

Baby’s Heartrate: I totally forgot to ask. I was too distracted by the tiny little man punching the doppler every few seconds. Clearly he was enjoying his food coma and did not want to be poked.

Next appointment (at 28 weeks) will be my glucose test and I have to get my tetanus shot. FML. Guys, I hate shots. Nevermind 24 hours of unmedicated labor… I’m terrified of needles.

8 thoughts on “24 Week Bumpdate & Check Up

  1. When I’m preggo with my second, I hope I look as awesome as you! It can’t be easy to be pregnant when there’s already a toddler in the house. But you carry it well!! 🙂
    By the way, I love that you stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a snack instead of worked out. It’s totally your right as a pregnant woman to do so!! 🙂

  2. I was dying over the photo sesh story… We have never done a family shoot and honestly I’m terrified of it. P calls the shots so I’m sure she would never allow me to achieve a Pinterest-worthy shoot.

    I saw P at 20-21 weeks. We were on our babymoon and we were playing with Baby Buds. I looked over to Erin and said, I wonder when we’ll be able to see her on the outside. Seconds later, we saw her push her little body out on the left side. We were like uhhhhhhh….. what was that???

    • Haha she’s such a punk toddler! You would have just died seeing her after. Literally, she was this little angel who just couldn’t get enough of me. Punk.
      I forgot how crazy/entertaining/miraculous/sci-fi it is to see the baby bouncing around from the outside. It makes it so real and surreal all at once…

      • The idea of a baby moving inside of me was so terrifying before I even considered having kids that it was one of the reasons I thought I wouldn’t carry my own children. Super selfish looking back. Straight up alien inside of you controlling everything. But then it happens and you are like, oh my god… Please do that every second of every day (well except at night when I’m sleeping) lol

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