Have I Mentioned I’m Impatient?

Yesterday afternoon I called my doctor’s clinic to find out a little bit more about what to expect from my first visit. The reality is that all I wanted to know was whether or not I’d get an ultrasound. So, I’m sure you could imagine my surprised / frustrated / angered / upset / crabby response when the nurse explained that I would not have an ultrasound until 19-20 weeks. The conversation went something like this…

Receptionist: No mam, you won’t have an ultrasound until 19-20 weeks…

Me: I’m sorry, what? How will you know there’s a heartbeat?

Receptionist: Oh, if you took a pregnancy test, you’re definitely pregnant. Those things are like 99% accurate.

Me: I understand that I’m pregnant. But what about miscarriage? How will we know that the baby is okay?

Receptionist: Oh, you’d probably know.

Me: But I read that sometimes there is no heartbeat, but you don’t have signs of miscarriage for weeks or months even.

Receptionist: Yeah, I wouldn’t worry.

Me: Uhhh. I guess thanks?

Needless to say, I got off the phone and was irritated. I’ve never heard of that! I can’t even list the number of first trimester ultrasounds I’ve seen posted to Facebook, not-to-mention all the blogs I’ve read. I decided I needed a second opinion… so I called the other clinic where my doctor sees patients. This conversation started out in a similar way with the receptionist explaining that ultrasounds are not given until 20 weeks; however, some lovely woman (receptionist or nurse) who overheard our conversation set the record straight. Turns out they can do a first trimester ultrasound and my nurse, Debbie, can place the order for it at my appointment next week. This means that I likely will not get my ultrasound that day, but at least I’ll have one coming! Instant smile.

So, what are the takeaways?

1) While the first receptionist was quite annoying, her lack of worry and concern actually made me feel a little better. I’m comfortable with the idea that I’ll know if something happens, but since I haven’t noticed anything, I should assume everything is great.

2) Our little baby will have his or her first glamour shot soon AND, hopefully we’ll get to hear the heartbeat.

3) I’m glad I called. I like knowing what I’m walking into.

As for what to expect at the first appointment… this is a bit unclear, but it seems as if we will review my husband and my medical histories, I might get some blood tests, she’ll tell me “what to expect when I’m expecting,” answer my many questions, talk diet and exercise, and other informational items. So, being that I’m a pre-planner, I also have been working to fill out a form I found on the March of Dimes website.

Family History Form from March of Dimes

Family History Form from March of Dimes

I already went through it with my parents and we will be going through it with Mark’s parents this weekend. I think that by having all of this information collected at our first appointment, we’ll be better prepared to ask questions. Here’s the link to the form.


I’m feeling pretty good today. Definitely more chipper! I mean, it is Friday after all. I’ve still been getting pretty tired, but it helps that I’ve been in bed by around 9 or 9:30 every night this week. I think my husband – a true sleep lover – is enjoying that side effect. Yesterday he said to me, “If there is a positive to you feeling kind of crappy… not that I’m glad that you don’t feel well or anything… but if there was a positive, it’d be that we’re getting to bed so early.” We’re the type that spends most of our non-working, waking hours together and goes to bed at the same time. So, I guess he’s right! It does feel nice to get a good night’s rest.

We also worked out again last night. I was a bit sluggish during the workout, but all-in-all, it felt good! I’m going to go again tonight to ensure at least 3 workouts this week. Gotta make sure I’m staying healthy. Which reminds me, I’m not sure if it’s possible that I’m showing already or if I’m just absurdly bloated, but either way, my tum is sticking out more than normal. My clothes still fit, although that tum of mine seems to be hanging over or out of some outfits a touch. Also, my scale shows that I’ve gained 2 pounds. I refuse to accept that just yet. Every day I feel totally inflated, so maybe I’ll wait until I’m 12 weeks to accept my “first trimester gain” amount.

Until then, I’m going to continue to eat healthy and workout!

First Doctor’s Visit in One Week… and Counting

One week from tomorrow, November 6th, is my first doctor’s appointment. I can honestly say that I have never been more ready, anxious and excited to go to the doctor… EVER. Everyone tells you to relax and to not over think things, but really, it’s not 100% possible. For the most part, I go through my days happily and without worry; however, without fail, my mind seems to wander to that scary place at least once a day.

This morning it started pretty early… 5:45 am to be exact. I was straightening my hair and found myself googling, “would I know if my baby’s heart stopped beating – first trimester,” on my phone. Like I’ve mentioned, this week I’ve felt pretty darn good. I’ve had little bouts of symptoms – nausea, headache, heartburn, emotion overflow, exhaustion – but nothing that really changes my step. As much as I’m grateful for feeling great, I’m also longing for some gut-wrenching vomiting. No, I do not enjoy vomitting, but I did read that momma-to-be’s who throw up are way less likely to miscarry. I’d for sure take some barfing to ensure our little baby is going to stay with us.

So, back to my googling and what I learned… Pretty much nothing. As with most pregnancy-related things, it’s different for all women. Some people will experience the same symptoms of a miscarriage if their baby’s heart stops beating… however, this could take days for some women and months for others. Some people don’t. So I guess I just have to wait for my appointment to make sure everything is going well. 

Which actually has me thinking… I hope they’ll do an ultrasound at this visit. All I know is that it’s 1.5 hours and I’m not seeing the doctor.

Does anyone know what this appointment consists of?




Sheesh… can you tell I’ve been in “a mood” this week? For some reason, I’ve been super gloomy the past few days. I’ve been pretty happy when I’m home, but not so much when I’m at work. I feel very tired and worn out and could use a little break. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to get a little R&R. That might help.

On the positive, I did in fact work out last night! And actually, despite the fact that I felt so tired on my way over, I had a great workout. I go to a place called 9rounds, and absolutely love it. It’s a 30-minute, kickboxing circuit workout. I let them know that I’m in the early stage of pregnancy and they were able to adjust my workout, which was great. And, even better, I’ve got sore arms to show for it. As much as muscle-soreness is a pain (literally), I kind of love it. It’s nice proof that you did in fact work your bod. I’m going to try and make it again tonight.

I was supposed to head to a friend’s for dinner after work, but she cancelled this am. Now, the night is mine! And, since I was the one who was making / bringing dinner, the hubs and I will be ready to go when I get home from the gym.