Charlie & Henry

I have thought a lot about the introduction of Henry to Charlie over the past 42 weeks. It’s been unclear as to what Charlotte was truly anticipating with all the talk of Baby Henry, but regardless, she seemed to be excited.

Henry arrived on Thursday and on Friday evening, Charlotte came to the hospital to meet her brother.When my parents arrived at the hospital, we had Mark meet them downstairs and take C to get her a bit more comfortable (aka bribe her with some graham crackers). Then, he brought her up to see Mommy and meet her new brother.

The introduction could not have gone ant better. Charlotte was completely enamored and so deeply happy and excited. The video and pictures say much more than I ever could… get ready for heart-melting stuff…



The 3am News


On Wednesday, September 9th at 3 am, we got news that will forever change our lives, hearts, and future. Our little Charlie is gaining a sibling 🙂

Now, it might seem weird that the news came at 3am… and that’s because it is weird. I had been feeling sick for a week, so I decided to buy some pregnancy tests. I planned to wait until Thursday, which was the day I was expecting my period… BUT, for those of you who remember the last time (when I took 10 pregnancy tests before testing positive), I have an issue with patience.

Anyway, I woke up at 3 am to pee (I will discuss this and other pre-pregnancy symptoms in another post), and decided… why not test now? I mean… it’s the good morning pee. I didn’t want to waste it.

So, I quietly unwrapped the test, did my thing and waited. I walked back and forth from one side of the bathroom to the other. Finally, I let my eyes reach the test: Pregnant. I can’t explain the feeling in one word. At first it was like, “duh”… I knew I was. And then came the “holy crap!” factor… not scared, but kind of “here we go again!” And of course excitement! So much excitement that I was awake for the next 2.5 hours googling, downloading baby apps, and trying to distract myself.

I duplicated my message to hubs from last time, but instead of putting the announcement sign near the toilet (which didn’t work as planned last time), I put it near the toothbrushes. After reaching over the sign and pregnancy test three times, he finally saw the message and ran out of the bathroom with a full face of toothpaste and half screamed, “REALLY?!” with a big sudsy smile!

The sign when I told Hubs we were pregnant with Charlie:

amazing dad

The sign to announce our newest miracle:

We’re really happy and really lucky. We literally just started trying this month. Mark said I must have hungry eggs. haha Nice, huh?

We let Charlie break the news to the parents: