Making Moves

Our little Charlie Girl spent the week mastering the art of standing. Anywhere and everywhere. Stand, stand, stand.

This morning while I watched her play, I noticed her standing up, resting her weight on her plastic lego bin, pushing it around… AKA ASSISTED WALKING! Instantly, I grabbed her little push walker thing.

I pointed to the toy and she quickly grabbed the handle, pulled herself up and started pushing it… assisted pushing. I have to put some weight on the opposite side of the walker, otherwise I think she’d fall flat on the ground like a pancake.

Of course, my wheels started turning… how can I catch this on video? So, I set up my camera, moved her back a bit and let her go!

As a warning… there are whiney tears. I swear these are a result of her being ready for a nap… not of her mother forcing her to walk with the walker toy 🙂

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