Date Night

Last night the hubby surprised me with a date night! He had scheduled his sweet momma to watch Charlie and took me out for a delicious Ramen dinner (my recent obsession).

When I arrived home from work, hubby had picked up flowers for Charlie, his mother and for me. So sweet, right?

Charlie loved her flowers. She carried them all over, put them on her baby, put them in the vase, poured them out of the vase, etc. She’s since ripped all of the petals off, but man did she enjoy them… as did I.


My pretty flowers!

Our ramen date did not disappoint. We had this delicious “Bratsticker” app… essentially a brat-stuffed potsticker. Mmmm! It had a mustard/horseradish sauce. YUM! I meant to take a picture, but I devoured it too quickly.

Mark and I had been to this restaurant a couple weeks back, so I was fully prepared to order. I had really loved what Mark ordered last time, but had a few tweaks. And let me tell you, my adjustments were perfection. Tochi Ramen with Tofu & Crispy Pork and a Fried Egg (cooked most of the way through) on top.

Holy cow was it good. In fact, I have leftovers at home and literally have not stopped thinking about it.
For dessert (I know, I know… was dessert necessary? Well, is it ever? Yes. The answer is yes.)… anyway, for dessert, we had Japanese Cheesecake with Carmel Sauce and Toasted Coconut. YUM. That’s all I have to say. So. Much. Yum.

 Needless to say, this morning was most definitely a workout day!

A Pregnant Momma’s Dream Come True


About three weeks ago, I literally had the best day ever and my husband proved to me (for the millionth time) just how lucky I am. On Tuesday night, hubby informed me that I would not be going to work the following day and that he had a special pregnant lady surprise for me!

He had scheduled an appointment for me with my accupuncturist that I saw when I was pregnant with Charlotte in the morning. YES! I love her and it was amazing. I spent a good 2-2.5 hours with her and loved every second of it.

After my appointment, I went into the city and had lunch at one of my favorite spots. I realized that it was my first time having a casual and luxurious dining experience out by myself. I’ve grabbed a quick bite on a work break or something, but have never actually gone to a restaurant alone to just relax and enjoy. And man did I enjoy it.

It was a perfectly sunny day. I spent over an hour slowly eating my DELICIOUS food and reading my book. It was perfection. I was on Cloud 9.

After lunch, I walked around the city. Went into an antique shop, went to Urban Outfitters and bought a new sweater, went to my favorite coffee shop for a chai (and a giant oatmeal raisin cookie). I was the happiest girl on the block.

Then it was time for me to head back towards home for the MASSAGE that my husband had scheduled for me. I was so excited. SO, imagine how hard my bubble burst when they informed me that for some unknown f-ing reason, they had cancelled my appointment. The same appointment that they called the night before to confirm. And, of course, had no additional openings. <<TEARS>>

Okay, not real tears, but I got crabby. And then I felt guilty for feeling crabby. I had had such a wonderful day, I couldn’t let them ruin it. I went next door to do a little shopping at Marshalls only to discover that I was no longer in the mood. I needed to get back to my quiet, happy place. So I got in my car and headed over to a park by my house where I laid on the grass for a couple hours and read my book. I totally got back to that relaxed, unphased spot.

After my quiet time, I returned home for a Thai food takeout night! Mmmmm

All in all, the best day and best surprise ever!