A Pregnant Momma’s Dream Come True


About three weeks ago, I literally had the best day ever and my husband proved to me (for the millionth time) just how lucky I am. On Tuesday night, hubby informed me that I would not be going to work the following day and that he had a special pregnant lady surprise for me!

He had scheduled an appointment for me with my accupuncturist that I saw when I was pregnant with Charlotte in the morning. YES! I love her and it was amazing. I spent a good 2-2.5 hours with her and loved every second of it.

After my appointment, I went into the city and had lunch at one of my favorite spots. I realized that it was my first time having a casual and luxurious dining experience out by myself. I’ve grabbed a quick bite on a work break or something, but have never actually gone to a restaurant alone to just relax and enjoy. And man did I enjoy it.

It was a perfectly sunny day. I spent over an hour slowly eating my DELICIOUS food and reading my book. It was perfection. I was on Cloud 9.

After lunch, I walked around the city. Went into an antique shop, went to Urban Outfitters and bought a new sweater, went to my favorite coffee shop for a chai (and a giant oatmeal raisin cookie). I was the happiest girl on the block.

Then it was time for me to head back towards home for the MASSAGE that my husband had scheduled for me. I was so excited. SO, imagine how hard my bubble burst when they informed me that for some unknown f-ing reason, they had cancelled my appointment. The same appointment that they called the night before to confirm. And, of course, had no additional openings. <<TEARS>>

Okay, not real tears, but I got crabby. And then I felt guilty for feeling crabby. I had had such a wonderful day, I couldn’t let them ruin it. I went next door to do a little shopping at Marshalls only to discover that I was no longer in the mood. I needed to get back to my quiet, happy place. So I got in my car and headed over to a park by my house where I laid on the grass for a couple hours and read my book. I totally got back to that relaxed, unphased spot.

After my quiet time, I returned home for a Thai food takeout night! Mmmmm

All in all, the best day and best surprise ever!

2 thoughts on “A Pregnant Momma’s Dream Come True

  1. That sounds like SUCH a wonderful day! And good for you, focusing on the positive when your massage was canceled!! That definitely was a mood buster, BUT it sounds like you turned it around quite nicely. (And now you have a massage to look forward to, right? They should throw in in some extra pampering for canceling on you like that)! 🙂

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