Baby Kicks!!


  For the past few days, I’ve been feeling like I could feel the baby move when I sneezed or did something abruptly… Just a quick movement and then things felt still.

But tonight, as I ignored the Packers getting their butts kicked by the Lions, I felt continuous baby kicks!

My absolute favorite part of pregnancy has begun!!! I feel really excited. My little baby boo is happily splashing around. 

Could be the excessive amount of 7up I just drank, but either way, my heart is warm.


A Celebratory Weekend

To say this was a packed weekend would be an understatement. With my husband’s 28th birthday (he’s a youngin’) on Sunday, we made our way downtown to the Blue Jacket for some delicious (but very expensive) food with Mark’s friend CJ. It was a fun little dinner date that had us home by 10:30 pm.

Saturday morning, I was up early to get a few things done around the house and get ready for my sweet Katiekins’ bridal shower at the Iron Horse Hotel downtown. The shower was gorgeous and our friend Carrie who just had her baby on Tuesday made it, too!

The beautiful decor.

The beautiful decor.


Tasty & extra fudgey cake!

Tasty & extra fudgey cake!

Local food... SO delish! I woke up thinking about those buttery green beans.

Local food… SO delish! I woke up thinking about those buttery green beans.


My favorite lady friends... even sweet Carrie!

My favorite lady friends… even sweet Carrie!

The cutest little piglet favor!

The cutest little piglet favor!

After the shower, I stopped by Anthropologie and Pier One to return an absurd amount of knobs (from the nursery dresser) and pick up my final selections (two from Anthro and the rest from Pier 1). I then ran home to put the knobs on the unfinished dresser and force my husband to admire them…

The dresser with the final knobs. Who knew it was such a process...

The dresser with the final knobs. Who knew it was such a process…

Knob close-up.

Knob close-up.

After the knob admiring (I refuse to acknowledge the awkwardness of that statement), my husband and I went out to Devons Seafood for a DELICIOUS seafood birthday feast. Mark’s sweet momma was just so lovely and gave us a gift certificate for the restaurant as a joint bday/anniversary gift. And let me tell you, we enjoyed it!

Sunday morning, it was time to start the whole “getting ready for the bridal shower” routine again… this time for my brother’s fiance. Then, my mom (2 weeks post-op), sister and I jumped in my car and headed back downtown for my third time that weekend. The venue was this super cute Italian restaurant that opened just for the shower. The shower itself was being thrown by my mom’s extremely generous and kind network of women. In fact, they are the same lovely ladies who threw my bridal shower last year!

The food at the shower was delicious… no complaints here. Think breaded eggplant sticks, pizza, pasta galore! Everything looked wonderful and it was nice to catch up with my aunt and cousins who were also there.

After the shower, mom and I were zonked. So, what does one do when their husband decides to spend his birthday helping a friend move GIANT Persian rugs all day? Watch Pretty Little Liars, of course. So, mom and I gelled all day… her in her drug-induced stupor and me in my Liars-induced stupor.

When the husband was finished with his slave labor, he met me at my parents’ house and we all had a little bday dinner together. Then, when we got home, I gave my hubs his gift, some cake with a candle, and this perfectly us card…

Happy birthday, Lovey!

Happy birthday, Lovey!


It must be mentioned that our sweet girl made herself VERY present during our Liars Marathon… in fact, she had been practicing her acrobatics all weekend. It’s almost a bit crazy. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen as she gets bigger. She might break my ribs…




22 Weeks… 5.5 Months! (February 21, 2014)

22 Weeks... 5.5 Months! (February 21, 2014). I can't believe it's already been 5.5 months! What a crazy little journey it's been so far. My body is definitely changing and things are really starting to feel more real. I can't believe this small nugget will be here in under 5 months!

22 Weeks… 5.5 Months! (February 21, 2014). I can’t believe it’s already been 5.5 months! What a crazy little journey it’s been so far. My body is definitely changing and things are really starting to feel more real. I can’t believe this small nugget will be here in under 5 months!



The last couple of days, I’ve been forgetting to include “symptoms” in my posts, so I thought I’d throw it in this one. The biggest symptom I’ve been feeling is this little jumping bean! The difference between the movement from last week to this week has been crazy. Probably about 2-4 times per day, she really goes nuts and does some serious re-positioning. I’m talking full-on belly movement… I can feel her graze my entire stomach. And then sprinkled in there are LOTS of bladder kicks. Those are a little less than comfortable. She’s also been kicking what feels even lower… I refer to those as the vagina kicks. Thanks, lovey… I just adore those moments when I’m talking to a coworker and simultaneously trying to ignore the fact that you’re poking down to my lady parts from the inside. Not weird at all…

But really, I do just totally enjoy all the movement. It’s so crazy. My favorite pokes are right at my belly button. I don’t know why, but they feel so silly… almost a tickle feeling.

Also, yesterday was officially the first day I actually SAW my belly moving. I took a video; although, I’m sure it’s a little hard to see from there. A few disclaimers… 1) please ignore the ridiculous amount of hair on my shirt. The puppito seems to be shedding a bit of undercoat or something, which on occasion gets me a little hairy. 2) You can see my whole belly bounce right after I pick a hair off of my stomach.


Other than that, it’s business as usual. I’m totally in the pregnancy groove. I have my energy, I’ve been productive and I’m starting to really get moving in the “nesting” / preparation phase of things. I’m ready to take on the nursery this weekend… clean out some stuff, do some reorganizing and measuring, and get some plans in place. Maybe head to Babies R’ Us and Pottery Barn Kids to check out some furniture… and who knows, maybe we’ll pick out paint colors. I know… so exciting!

I Made Myself Tear Up By Singing…

Okay, so yes, I teared up mid-belt-out, but no, it wasn’t because I’m a terrible singer… although I am. (And, as a side-note, it must be mentioned that the only person who appreciates my strange, off-key voice is my husband. He actually goes as far as saying he thinks I have a good voice.)

Lately, with all the developments going on with our little baby, I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be so close to our baby. I have decided that I am definitely feeling the baby kick. In fact, it seems that when I lay down to go to sleep, the baby tends to move around quite a bit. So last night, in my own little way, I played with our baby. The baby would kick or flutter or pop popcorn in a certain area and then I would put my warm hand on the corresponding area on my belly. Then I’d let go and he or she would flutter in a different area, so I’d put my hand there. The game continued for a few minutes and it just felt so special.

I know my husband is super excited to feel the baby move as well, so I didn’t say anything to him, as not to rub it in. I just quietly interacted with my sweet little baby. Now, who knows if the babe was really “interacting” with me, but in my mind, he or she was.

So why the overemotional singing session? As I was singing some poppy ballad, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that our sweet nugget was hearing me, learning my voice, and learning to love my tone-deaf melodies just like my husband does. It again felt so special. As the mom, I am blessed with this deep-rooted connection with our baby before he or she ever gets to experience the outside world. I get to feel his or her movements and keep him or her warm and safe. I get to be closer to my baby physically than I will ever be in our lives. I get to literally sustain my baby… keep him or her alive through my life. It’s just so amazing. Such a miracle.

And even more exciting is the fact that every day, our baby is hearing me, learning my voice, finding comfort in the rhythm of my heart or the warmth of my hand. Essentially, we are falling in love and building this bond before we ever get to meet face-to-face. What an amazing opportunity. What a gift.

It reminds me that no matter how excited I am to kiss those sweet little fingers and toes, I have to soak in every moment of this magical time with our baby. I have to refrain from looking forward and enjoy today. Another day of pure, untainted Mommy/Baby time.



Falling in love with my sweet baby.