The Tiny Tot Loves Her Baseball

This weekend, we took C to her first baseball game. These two short videos pretty much sum up her love and excitement for the game…

I was really proud… She “did baseball” perfectly. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, she was eating! Grandma brought her some Annie’s shells and cheese (she took down at least half a box), then she ate a full peach, and apple slices. After that, she got a free fudge bar from the stadium (kid’s day!).

She lasted 5.5 innings, which amounted to nearly 3 hours! And really, to say she “lasted” isn’t fair… She enjoyed 5.5 innings.

When we got home (at 430 – yikes!), we put her directly in bed, where she proceeded to pass out until we woke her around 615. The girl was tired and worn out, but all in all, it was a great day.

She loved the fireworks and would literally hand us her food so she could clap. She got so excited every time the crowd roared. It was great!

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