Happy Charlie

Today was a great day for Charlie. Unfortunately, she still has a nasty cough and her nose is a faucet, but the little one woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Maybe because she actually slept last night (funny how that works, huh?).

This chipper little bunny had us all smiling today and allowed us to share some sweet moments with her. Here are just a handful of the many laughs, smiles, and warm fuzzies from our day…

This is even sillier because as a little one, I was notorious for walking arounf with 2+ pacis in my mouth and even more in my hands and pockets.


Baby and blankie come together to make Charlie one happy little lady.


Charlotte is OBSESSED with carrying baby in a swaddle. i have a feeling, she is going to be very demanding of time with her little brother. hopefully by that time she learns that throwing babies is not allowed.


Being goofy with Daddy 💛


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