To say that I’m surrounded by babies would be an understatement. If we’re just talking “Facebook Friends” I could literally say that I know someone who births a baby every single day. Maybe not really, but it’s close.

I am 100% surrounded by people with babies under 6 months old or who are pregnant. And, it’s amazing! I absolutely love it.

Just this week… yes, it’s only Tuesday, two of my good friends just had babies. One yesterday morning and one this morning. Can you believe it?

Even better, both of these girls delivered vaginally! GO MOMMA POWER!

And actually, another girl from my high school just had a successful VBAC. I think it was yesterday? I emailed her and asked her to chat when things settle down and already heard back.

Besides all those babies, three of my other besties have babes 6 months or under (and another friend with a babe who’s 8 months). Then I have two friends due next month and my Seattle bestie and another friend who was pregnant with me last time due within weeks of my due date.

That makes it seem like I have tons of friends.

I don’t.

I have literally just accounted for all of my friends. SO. MANY. BABIES.

I absolutely love it. Seeing all of these tiny babies is getting me pretty excited for our little bundle. Such happy times.

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