Bunny Sniffer

Charlotte has two “lovies” as others call them… These are her two “must haves” for bedtime/nap time/still half asleep time. 

1) her lamb wubbanub – aka her paci with a little lamb stuck on the end of it…   

2) her bunny. This cutie little thing from Pottery Barn Kids (called a thumbie)…   

For many months now, Charlotte’s predominant self-soothing technique has been sniffing her bunny. 

It’s super goofy. 

She does it when she nurses, when she’s sucking on her paci or just whenever. She takes bunny’s ear and sometimes holds it directly under her nostril and other times just balances it there and then proceeds with what she’s doing. 

I’m not complaining because she’s a mega self soother, but I find it so interesting. We have a few of these bunnies floating around… And I don’t feel like they have any specific scent, but it’s her thing! She’s a bunny sniffer…   

 Anyone else’s kids have unique self soothing techniques?

10 thoughts on “Bunny Sniffer

  1. This is incredibly cute! Oh my gosh. Jude has a blanket. And a thumb. When he gets upset he goes and finds his blanket, balls it up and puts it to his face, then sticks his thumb in his mouth. Ezra has started sucking on his first two fingers.

    • Did you push the blanket on Jude at all? Before Charlotte had arrived, I was obsessed with that bunny, but after she arrived, I barely did anything with it. Then all of a sudden one day, she picked it from a stuffed animal line-up and has barely put it down since!

      • When we sleep trained we took away his pacifier and gave him to things he could have to help him fall asleep-his blanket and Buddy Bear. He is not at all attached to the bear, but he loves his blanket. I wouldn’t say we pushed it on him, but it was one of only two things he had in his crib for nap and night time. So I guess you’d say we “encouraged” it. 🙂

      • Because at the time we were sleep training he wasn’t old enough to find it in his crib if he were to lose it. And he hadn’t figured out yet how to put it back in his mouth on his own. We wanted to give him something that would soothe him and he could easily control.

  2. After reading Emilee’s comment I wish I did away with the Paci those early months cause to this day he still wakes up and cries for the paci if he loses it. I feel like he must be like his Dad and brother and can not see anything that is 2 feet in front of them! lol- Elliot loves his blankie too- same thing, gets super excited like he’s seeing an old friend, balls it up and smooshes it in his face…When he’s in the crib with it he takes the very tip of the corner and wraps it around his finger and shoves it up his nose…lol Kids and smelling their lovies is funny, but they all do it!

      • Haha, right?! I haven’t tried the wubbanub and now I feel like it’s too late- I am hoping to take them away all together, but want to wait until he’s feeling better! (he has a cold/cough thing and would hate to make him more miserable- I always have an excuse of why not to do it yet- to be honest..I’m scared!

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