My Big Girl

The other day when I was counting Charlotte’s baby teeth, I said she had 7 teeth with one on the verge… HOWEVER, just yesterday (or maybe the day before), she was doing something weird with her tiny mouth hanging open and I discovered TWO MOLARS!!!

Suddenly I feel like she is a legit big kid. I mean, molars…

That brings the count to 9 teeth with at least one, if not three, on the way.

So nuts! 

My big girl…

Check out her eating olives like a big kid… I didn’t even show her this… Just looked over and caught her in the act!

Also, yesterday I decided to give sign language a more focused effort. I was teaching her “more” so she would stop making that terrible whining sound every time she ran out of berries. After a few minutes, she was already getting the hang of it…

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