My Baby Stands… Regularly

What the heck!! Charlotte is getting so big, so fast! I’m freaking out. 

This morning, after about 10 minutes of trying, she stood up in her crib! And then, started crying because she couldn’t get down…

Then, when I was putting her down for her first nap this morning, she did it again. I laid her down on her back and instantly she rolled over and hopped to her feet where she stood until I grabbed her and laid her back down.

Apparently, she just wanted to hang out and play all morning…   


4 thoughts on “My Baby Stands… Regularly

  1. Just wait til she lets go and stands on her own! I felt like I had to run and get behind Annabelle just in case haha! She’s cruising along furniture and taking a few cautious steps in the open…it’s crazy to watch them grow up huh?

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