A wonderful evening

Last night, the fam and I had an awesome night. When Charlie and I got home from work, we grabbed Toby and took a nice long walk. Then, daddy came and met up with us for the tail end.

Charlie insisted on being the one to walk Toby. She literally didn’t let go of the leash for a second…


After our walk, we fed Charlie dinner and kept her up late to play 🙂

Once Charlotte was down for the night, it was time for a little mommy/daddy date. We are delicious salmon tacos, sipped wine and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of birds and wildlife in the backyard.


It was a great night!


2 thoughts on “A wonderful evening

  1. I LOVE this!!! Oh my gosh- her holding the leash has to be the cutest thing ever. So grown up! Happy you and the hubby got a little spontaneous date night out doors- they are the best!! Are you loving the weather or what?!

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