Shelter From the Storm

A couple weeks ago, I received news that a friend of mine from college had passed away from a heroin overdose. We haven’t kept in touch. In fact, I haven’t seen him for probably 8-10 years except for that one time I ran into him while at the mall with my mom about 2 or so years ago.

Supposedly, he had fallen into a bad crowd. He was trying to get help and overdosed at a halfway house.

This isn’t the first friend I’ve had who’s been plagued by drug addiction. Or the first friend whose life drugs had desperately tried to ruin. Or the first friend whose life had been taken by heroin.

I’ve been thinking about Chris a lot over the past few weeks. He was such a caring, kind and seemingly happy person. As I remember him, I can’t help but think of those that Chris has left behind and think of my own little girl.

How will I protect her from such devastating, toxic and life crushing realities? Is it by sheltering her? Or is it by being completely, frighteningly honest with her? I guess I don’t know what the answer is, but my gut says honesty.

So, my sweet baby, please hear my advice. It’s so easy to think that all this bad stuff only happens to other people, but drugs don’t discriminate. They will take anyone foolish enough to fall under their spell. Drugs don’t make you cool or take away pain. In fact, they do the complete opposite. I’ve seen friends who are literally at war with themselves. Friends who so desperately want to be stripped from the shackles of their addiction. Friends who have died trying to quit.

Addiction is a very lonely path and leads to unimaginable pain and struggle.

It’s easy to think that you won’t get addicted… that you’re just going to try it. But let me tell you, sweet girl… no one goes into it hoping to become addicted. Heroin and meth and all of these toxic, horrid drugs will capture a person’s body at first try.

So please, please, please I beg you to make good decisions. Remember that what seems like such a simple and careless decision can change, ruin or destroy your life. Remember that I love you and I’m here for you and you can always come to me… with anything. I won’t be mad, in fact, I’ll be so relieved that you felt comfortable confiding in me.

I love you, sweet girl. Thank you for hearing me.




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