Dear Daddy…

As I’ve mentioned before, my office is a hybrid… part office, part daycare. One half is filled with all the office mandatories… desk, computer, files, bookshelves. And the other half with a jumperoo, walker, activity center and about a zillion toys.

Part office…

Part daycare…

Charlie’s cafeteria

Charlie even has her own keyboard and mouse so that she can do work like Mommy.

But, every so often, she gets the desire for the real deal. So this morning, Charlie decided to send Daddy an email…

Dear Daddy,

,SW SFB, ,/./ z []SD][P67[ZAqbhgiujbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlp;i 




PS: Here’s the video of her typing the message (or at least part of it)…

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