(Play) Dating

I think I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve been a bit of a homebody since Charlotte’s arrival. I think it stems from my severe desire to control everything. Obviously, control is just nonexistent with a newborn. There is no anticipating when they will cry, need to eat, want to sleep but can’t, fuss, need to be held, scream bloody murder, poop all over everything, etc.

Now, I will say, we have been super lucky with our Charlie. She has SUCH a good temperament, so we have less of the bloody murder cries… But, she is just a baby. So, I’ve been sticking to home… Or places where it’s easy to breastfeed. Or only going places with Mark or my mom.

Anyway, I’ve totally digressed. My point with all this is that I’ve been thinking a lot about my hermit status and that in combination with our girl getting into much more of a routine (which does not include eating for hours on end), has led me to the notion that it’s time to start dating… Play dating.

I mean, I want Charlotte to have friends. It’s not fair for me to keep her locked up inside just because it’s easier for me.

So, with that in mind, I’ve been reaching out to my mommy friends and have four “play dates” planned for this week and am planning to go to a mommy group at the end of the month.

Go big or go home, right?

Note that play dates is in quotes because I recognize that Sweet Charlotte is too little to really interact with others for more than mere minutes at a time. But one day she will and I’ll have already begun developing our mommy/baby network.

Anyway, It’s good for me to force myself out there. And really, two of my four mommy dates are not really out of the box… One with my sister and her fam and today’s with my good friend Jenna. BUT, I’m getting out of my bubble.

So, today was our first play date and it was a lot of fun! Thanks, Jenna and little Jacob for a delicious lunch (and dessert) and for allowing us to hang for the day!



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