Bad Baby Outing…

I’m sure you’ve noticed my optimism lately! Charlotte and I have been on a total rhythm. So this morning I decided to attempt the grocery store… For a full shopping trip.

I put Charlie in my pouch (aka the ring sling) and we were off. Everything was going well. She was adorable, snoozing away the morning. Until, out of nowhere, she starts screaming. Hello nightmare.

I took her out of the pouch and was able to console her enough to grab a couple more items and check out before the meltdown was in full effect. It was pretty much okay, but we definitely didn’t get everything and I must say that pushing a decently full cart with one hand is not easy.

So to the car we went. As soon as we were on the road, the screaming resumed. I decided to stop to feed her in the parking lot of this little boutique I wanted to check for a baby dress for Charlotte to wear to her naming ceremony.

I fed her, went to burp her, and discovered that the poop she had just released mid-feed was a blow out. Perfect. Nothing like a back seat change to add that necessary icing to my morning.

Thankfully, with a little milk, a clean diaper and a fresh outfit, she was happy as a clam! Now, we’re home. Groceries are put away and a special little someone is enjoying a snack.

Me? Well, I’m already exhausted and regretting my serial play dating schedule. We have a meeting at noon and then it’s off to our second play date of the week, then home to make dinner and give the little one a bath. I’ll relax eventually…

Our morning album…







7 thoughts on “Bad Baby Outing…

  1. My first blow out also happened at a grocery store. I can’t tell you how many wipes I went through trying to change that wiggly baby laying on the passenger seat of the car. What a mess. Also, your baby is adorable.

  2. Well, you’re braver than I think I’d be! I’m not sure that I’d dare go anywhere yet… Ha, ha. (I suppose we’ll see once my baby arrives). 😉 But it sounds like you handled everything like a pro! That’s so awesome!!

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