Getting the hang of it all

I’m the first to admit that I’ve been quite nervous about going out since the arrival of the sweetest child ever. I think my anxiety is centered around breastfeeding… Will she need to eat? Will she demand to eat nonstop? Will it be in an awkward place to whip out a boob? Etc.

BUT, thankfully, I feel like we’ve really gotten a rhythm down and are doing so well together. This morning we met my friend Jenna to help her pick out glasses. Charlotte was a little fussy in the car, so I put her in my maya ring sling (my FAVORITE baby item) and she was perfect. Didn’t make a peep the whole time. Just watched the ladies shop and then sucked on her mini hand until she fell asleep.

After seeing Jenna, I transferred Charlotte to her car seat (she stayed sleeping) and we walked to a different store to pick up a gift for a friend. She woke up in the store… After I ran the stroller into a display… And was perfection. She just sat in her stroller, desperately reaching for her toes and smiling the whole time (see picture below).

When we got back to the car, I could tell she was getting hungry, so I fed her in the parking lot… A quick 15 minute nurse. Easy peasy!

I love days that make me feel like I’ve got this whole mom thing down. I’m sure she’ll projectile poop in my face tomorrow… But today was awesome.


3 thoughts on “Getting the hang of it all

  1. She is just SO cute!!! And I love how you balance the beautiful moments with those not-so-great moments that will surely happen at one point… Your blog is so encouraging and uplifting, while being honest. It’s one of my current favorite mommy blogs! 🙂

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