7 Weeks Old & She Slept Through the Night

Seven weeks ago, we met our sweet little girl! It’s amazing that it’s already been seven weeks and at the same time, pretty crazy that’s it’s only been seven weeks.

Our girl has changed quite a bit this past week. In fact, last night, Charlotte slept through the night… In her crib!! 10.5 hours all the way through! Her nighttime routine is awesomely regular and getting even more regular. She cluster feeds leading up to bed and then we swaddle her and I feed her one last time before putting her in her crib around 8:30. I’m guessing her bed time is going to get even earlier as the weeks go on.

Besides being a champion sleeper, she has started actually crying this week. Up until now, she mostly just whine cries. But, at the beginning of the week, she started crying the second she woke up from a nap (I attribute this to her not knowing where she is/not fully waking up). Not every nap, but now and again. It’s such a silly, nasally cry. I love it. It makes me smile. Is that mean?

Her other cry is not so sweet. Again, it’s after a sleep, but takes place on the changing table. This one is blood curdling. Thankfully, we’ve only heard it a few times.

With the crying has come SO many smiles! She is the smiliest little thing ever… I love it!

She’s also getting even stronger and holding her head up really well. She stands when we hold her up and have been practicing sitting with her. She totally wants to move.

She’s also in the process of discovering her feet… (See below)







8 thoughts on “7 Weeks Old & She Slept Through the Night

  1. So beautiful! They grow up too fast 🙂 glad shes sleeping through the night for you… loving her cry isn’t mean, I’m sure I will love it too; until she’s older that is haha.

  2. I am loving your updates SO much!!! And I can’t believe that she already slept through the night for you! That is the best thing ever! 🙂 I don’t know if it’s possible, but she seems to get cuter and cuter all the time. So precious!

    • Thank you!! Ugh, she’s the best! I think she’s going through a growth spurt, because she’s literally been sleeping for the last 3 hours! Hopefully the through the night sleeping continues 🙂

  3. Cutie. So Cute! And Cuter by the minute!
    Can’t see enough pics of her – but we want to see more of you with her!! 😉💗🌺

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