Cloth diapering day 1… Piss & sh*t everywhere…

As my pre-baby self blogged about, my husband and I…. Errrr… I decided we would become cloth diaperers once our baby arrived. In the hospital, we used disposables and now, a week and a half into our sweet girl’s diapered life, we just got the courage to test out our diapers.

For my baby shower, we were gifted tons of bum genius cloth diapers, but were also given 6 months of a diaper service… So that’s where we started today. The diapers are prefold cloth diapers that require a diaper cover.

Anyway, we had one pretty successful(ish) diaper change; although, the entire cloth was so damn wet. Then, our sweet Charlotte ate and went down for a nap… Maybe 2-3 hours? Anyway, when she woke up from her nap, she had soaked through her diaper, the plastic cover, her onesie, her pants and the fabric on her swing… Sh*t!

She literally had pee all down her back and in her hair. Perfect. Sponge bath time.

After the sponge bath, we were drying her off in her adorable hooded towel, when she shat everywhere. And I mean everywhere. All over the husband’s shirt, pants and toes. On the towel. On the carpet. It was lovely. More sponge bathing.

In the chaos, the husband – who has changed probably 95% of all diapers since Charlotte’s birth – starts ranting about gift receipts to return all cloth diaper “crap.”

We’ve since talked about attempting to figure it out, but in the meantime, he just ran to Target to pick up a jumbo case of disposable diapers.

It’s hard to argue too much since he’s the main diaperer… Not to mention I have no idea what I would have done had I been alone for that diapering experience.

For now, the jury is still out for cloth diapering in our household. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Cloth diapering day 1… Piss & sh*t everywhere…

  1. So sorry you had all that “fun”. Didn’t want to say I told you so but…..
    Hey, this is not forever. 24 months goes fast. I say Huggies. And the environment? Well what about the detergent soap and water? 2 sides to every coin. I still say Huggies. 😉

  2. Power to you guys for trying! I couldn’t stomach it nor the continuous laundry…. Diapers vs Cost of detergent, I guess there’s really no win. Hope whichever you decide gets easier!! 😀 Good luck!

  3. I hear ya on the cloth diapers-they are not easy! I’ve been doing both because like Mark, Brandon hates them for some reason! Yet he hates the expense! But you should try the bum genius free time-they are awesome and all in one so no putting together diapers-super easy like a normal diaper! She has yet to soak through these ones-our thirsty brand is super bulky and she still soaks them haha! I just put them in my cloth diaper bag when I’m done and then wash the whole bag-all goes in the washer and dryer! I’m actually ordering more since she has outgrown her xs cloth diapers that were borrowed to us. So much easier then the cloth with the covers! Hope it works out for ya, especially with that diaper service-what an awesome gift!!

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