12 thoughts on “More pics of the sweetest and softest face ever

  1. omg she is absolutely beautiful… those eyes!!!! congratulations again, so happy for you!! i was waiting anxiously for her to be born as it got later and later past her due date. so happy for you both!! rest up!!

  2. You look so natural with her… like you’ve always been together! (Well in a way you have… I mean I think you’ve been carrying her as an egg since YOU were an infant. So now you finally get to meet! Childbirth is truly the coolest thing!)now, can we pleeeaaassse have a name? 😉

  3. I knew you guys would make a pretty baby but she is just beautiful! Love those big eyes 🙂 I’d love to send the little lady something pretty for her hair-message me on fb where I can send to 🙂

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