Every Other Day is Now, “Bring your Baby & Puppy to Work Day!”

Today I officially start my new, mommy-friendly job! For awhile now, I’ve been bugging my current employer to let me go part-time so I could begin working for my parents part-time. This has been in the works for years, but with the recent turmoil at my job, it seemed that everything was spinning in my favor. And, sure enough, my boss emailed me about a week and a half ago and said that the board had spoken and was willing to grant my request to go half-time while keeping all of my benefits (including the most important: insurance).

This is literally best-case-scenario. Working half-time at my parents will allow me to not only bring my sweet baby bub to work with me, but also bring my pup… which equals my dreams coming true. Not-to-mention the fact that I will reduce our need for childcare by 50%. We are still working out the details of the other 2.5 days, but my sweet Milly (Mother-In-Law) has offered to watch the babe, which could be a great option! Honestly, this has all happened so quickly, we haven’t had much time to digest, work through details or plan for baby’s arrival. Regardless, it seems to be a pretty darn good situation.

My schedule, which began today, will have me at my original job on Monday morning, Wednesday and Friday and with my parents on Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday. I’m anxious to get started with M&D (mom and dad) and get into my new groove!

Wish me luck!



A few times this past week, I’ve been able to feel the little babe do what felt like a full flip in my belly. I could feel him or her graze across the entire front of my stomach, from the right edge all the way to the left. It was a totally weird and awesome feeling that I find myself longing for. It’s just so crazy to think of the little baby flipping around in there.

Also, after a couple late nights at a bachelorette party this weekend, I find myself feeling pretty swollen in the face and pretty much looking like shit. So, it was such a nice and sweet and perfect little surprise this morning to find this note in the bathroom from my amazing husband:

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

At least he doesn’t seem to notice my face/body bloat, right?

Did I mention that while I was gone all weekend, my amazing husband spent the weekend taking care of our house? He did laundry, he worked on our investments, he ran errands. Such a gem. Definitely feeling like one lucky woman and feeling so grateful for my amazing partner… he’s going to be such a wonderful pops. 

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