I’m ready for a one year anniversary babymoon… NOW.

Please take me there immediately.

Please take me there immediately.

Before we even found out we were pregnant, Mark and I decided we wanted to take a trip for our one-year anniversary this March. Now, with the baby due at the end of June, it’s even more perfect timing for a nice little celebratory babymoon, last hoorah before baby excursion. And with the below freezing temps and the snow that just won’t stop, I am more than ready to jet off… anywhere.

Now that we’ve gotten the green light from the doctor, we’re starting to attempt to plan our little trip. But, of course, I’m stuck on where to go. We don’t want to spend too much, as it wasn’t too long ago we were lounging on our honeymoon. So with that in mind, we are in search of a destination. Here are some ideas so far…

  1. All-Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta: Mark is concerned that we’re going to just lay around on the beach. It seems as if there are a lot of activities, but who knows. Also, Milly (Mark’s mom) is concerned about the safety in Mexico.
  2. A Cruise: Cruises don’t seem to be the place to be these days. There have been so many crazy stories in the news, I just don’t know how comfortable I feel with that idea. Not-to-mention the fact that it feels a bit isolated from medical help should there be an issue.
  3. Jamaica: I don’t know that this is a better choice than Mexico?
  4. Costa Rica: Again, I don’t really know anything about Costa Rica…

I need ideas that are fit for a giant pregnant lady! Thoughts??



Today I’m not feeling amazing. I slept really well, but for some reason, I woke up feeling really uneasy. Just not a good stomach day at all. And, I’m really tired. I am definitely wishing I was home with my husband, pets and pillow cave.

2 thoughts on “I’m ready for a one year anniversary babymoon… NOW.

  1. I went to Ixtapa, Mexcio when I was about 5 months pregnant or so. The only thing they recommended I stay away from was the cheese because it may have not been pasteurized, and trying to ask anyone that question was pointless!

    I personally would recommend Ixtapa over Puerta Vallarta. I have been to both. We stayed at the Park Royal hotel in Ixtapa which was also all inclusive. Very low key and not commercialized at all! Walking distance to town and local restaurants as well.

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