Can you tell how excited I am?

Move over, Mark! The pillow cave is here!!

Move over, Mark! The pillow cave is here!!

Last night, the blessed pillow finally made its way to the house. After the cold delayed it by 2 days and we picked it up from our old apartment where I accidentally had it delivered, the fluffy deliciousness has found its way to my bed.

And let me say, it did not disappoint. It hugged my body and I just fell in love. I put my really thin down pillow over the head area, but honestly, it was wonderful. Every position I slept in was great and while I still woke up a couple of times to switch positions, I fell right back asleep. In comparison to the constant tossing and turning I was doing before, this was a very welcomed experience.

I now refer to the fluffy goodness as the pillow cave. I miss my pillow cave.

Also, if you can’t tell, this is the actual pillow I purchased from Amazon. Note: Free shipping with Amazon Prime AND… this is the most important one, it’s returnable!

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow by Leachco

Only $64.99!!

The lovely pillow cave.

The lovely pillow cave.

On another less fluffy note, my brother has been creating some stress in my life trying to pick a wedding date. Unfortunately, he keeps selecting dates that are uncomfortably close to my due date (ie: 3 weeks before, 2 weeks after, etc.). This morning we got into a bit of a fight because he asked me about the same date he had already asked me about 10 times, which I had already told him was way too close to my due date. Anyway, I of course complained to my husband about the stress my brother was causing.

Fast forward to this afternoon, my husband starts asking me questions about how long after the due date would be okay for the wedding, etc. When I asked him why, he simply replied:

I am respectfully dealing with Matt so you don’t have to. We are being very civil. He has said twice that he respects me for stepping in, so don’t worry. 

Reason #965,781 why I love my husband.

Thanks for taking care of me, lovey.



Slept like a baby inside a person inside a pillow cave.

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