I had the weirdest dream last night…

My sister warned me that pregnancy can really mess with your dreams. So maybe that’s why she was the star of my totally weird and troubling dream last night… or maybe it was just her good luck.

So, from my memory, it began with my sister going into labor. Sorry, Jess, I know you’re not pregnancy’s biggest fan and you and your hubs have no plans of adding to your brood, but in my dream, you did. Anyway, for some reason, my sister’s husband wasn’t there and instead, my mom and I had the honor of joining my sister for her birth. We rushed into this laboratory-like room where another woman was in the process of laboring. It was the quietest, weirdest thing ever. The doctor/nurse lady was pushing downwards on the lady’s stomach, as if to help push the baby out. Then, suddenly, the smallest little baby started to emerge. Obviously, the doctor/nurse grabbed the baby’s arms, which were somehow out first, and started to pull the baby from the lady. This baby literally stretched like a stretch armstrong doll (see below). Once completely out, the baby was so tiny. I think the head must have been just barely bigger than a golf ball and its body followed suit.

This is what the baby looked like being pulled out by the doctor.

This is what the baby looked like being pulled out by the doctor.

Did I mention that the lady was TOTALLY silent during the process? I may have even asked why she was being so quiet. I mean, she didn’t look like she was enjoying the process, but she was not screaming out in pain.

Next, it was my sister’s turn. Lucky gal. Her labor was even quicker and quieter than the first lady. They yanked that baby out and it emerged just as tiny as the first. Then, and here’s where it gets really creepy or weird or disturbing or something, it was time to cut the umbilical cord. For some reason, the cord was attached to some location up by the chest instead of at the belly button. So, the doctor instructs my mom to cut the cord. Now, no offense at all to my mom, but she is sometimes a little spacey. At this moment, she was in full spaced form and just grabs the scissors and makes a cut in under 5 seconds. She freaks out a little and drops the scissors as she says, “I can’t do this!” I look at the incision and it just doesn’t look right. It’s obvious that she has somehow cut too deep and there is this weird flow of some kind of fluid. We all stare at each other in panic until the doctor/nurse looks at the baby and says, “We’re going to have to do heart surgery. The heart has been punctured.”

Thankfully, that’s where this weird little soap opera ended. I woke up to my sweet puppy curling up on my chest.

So I have to say, what the heck? So weird, right? I mean, I understand the silent birth of a really tiny baby is the fantasy aspect of this dream… but what’s the rest about?

Such a bizarre evening.



I’m feeling way better today. Yesterday, from the moment I got out of bed, I was not feeling right. Nauseous, headache, exhausted… just a funky day. But, today I’m feeling much more energetic with no headache or stomachache to speak of. I have been feeling overly lovey/needy the past few days. I’m like my husband’s little shadow, wanting to be with him every minute. Could be worse, right? But really, I’m feeling pretty good. Motivated and focused at work, happy and excited at home. All is good.

One thought on “I had the weirdest dream last night…

  1. I have had more dreams than normal it seems. You described the scene so well in this I could actually picture everything….made me chuckle : ) I feel like as time goes on baby stuff takes up a huge part of our brain..seems natural to be dreaming about labor, even if it is some one else’s and it’s super strange! My dreams are never normal! : )

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