My Dog Threw Up On Me and Our Pipe Froze

Yes, that was my morning. It started at 3 am when poor little Toby woke up coughing like crazy. He eventually jumped off the bed (yes, he sleeps in our bed) and threw up… twice. He settled down a bit and we managed to all get back to sleep around 3:30 or 4. Then, around 6 or so, he was at it again. I decided to get up so I could be ready to go as soon as the vet opened at 7:30. I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower, and to my surprise, the water barely trickled out.

You’ve got to be kidding… the dang pipe was frozen.

So, I showered in the other bathroom and called our good friend who happens to be a plumber. Thankfully, he was SO GRACIOUSLY willing to come out and help us get it taken care of. But, before that, I took Tobers to the vet.

It was a pleasant ride being that it’s -8 degrees F today, and, to make it better… right before we arrived, Toby let this beauty fly all over me. I had a nasty flem vomit loogie that connected my tush to the seat of the car. Nasty…

Nasty puppy slime barf.

Nasty puppy slime barf.


Toby ended up getting diagnosed with a respiratory infection and is now on puppy penicillin. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal in no time. Anyway, I took Toby home and arrived just in time to meet our friend, the pipe reviver. He worked his magic, blow torched the pipe, and voila! We had water again.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Even after what seemed like a pretty rough morning, things aren’t so bad. Toby is on his way back to a healthy status, the pipes are thawed and I made it into work with only 5 hours left in the day. Could be worse! Plus, I’m 15 weeks today and our baby is the size of an apple. That’s pretty exciting if you ask me.



I had been having some pretty weird dreams earlier in the week and I’m starting to think they might be behind me. For literally 5 nights straight, I dreamt that I either got my period or was bleeding. In my dream, I was super calm about it and didn’t seem concerned, but each night, I woke up in a panic and ran to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t actually bleeding. It was weird and troubling. But, I’ve been in the clear for the past two nights. Last night is the first night I don’t really remember dreaming in awhile and the night before I dreamt about a colleague bitch-slapping some new, non-existent employee. Weird.

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