If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Ahhhhh relief! The secret is out at work and I didn’t have to make any awkward announcement… AND, even better, got to create a buzzy, rumor-filled day for everyone yesterday as they tried to guess the momma-to-be. We have our little holiday pot luck at work today, so everyone is feeling a bit more chatty than normal, so it’s a great day to make the reveal. For those of you who missed my blog a couple days ago, check out how I created a buzz here.

So, the trivia question went out yesterday, I collected all of the responses, and today, sent out the answer key and scores. There have been a ton of congratulations and silly stories. My favorite is one guy who said he’s had a hunch for three weeks now! I haven’t picked his brain as to HOW he knew, but I’m guessing it’s one of three things…

  1. He noticed my weight gain
  2. He has super senses and can smell my pregnant hormones like a dog
  3. Or… he overheard my colleague and I talking.

We’ll find out!

Other than that, I just have to be excited about my little baby bump that’s starting to show up! Every day I can see it a little more and it gets harder and very precious. I can’t help but touch it. Makes me feel like I have more of a chance to love on my baby. SO fun!! AND, I was able to wear a normal shirt today (aka: non-frumpy sweater) without feeling like a lumpy blob. Thank you, baby bump! I’m sure in 2 months I’ll be singing a different song, but for now, I’m going to enjoy every moment.



Who cares! I’m feeling holly jolly. PS: tomorrow is 13 weeks! Tangerine baby.

My baby.

My baby.

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