What’s One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You?

In attempts to get in the holiday spirit at work, despite the total cluster… fluff… going on in the background, my colleague and I have been playing “elves” and games all week. It started with a glitter fest… err… stocking decorating for the office last week.

Katie and I using excessive amounts of glitter... in the holiday spirit, of course!

Katie and I using excessive amounts of glitter… in the holiday spirit, of course!


A handful of the finished products.

A handful of the finished products.

This week, we have been filling the stockings each morning with miscellaneous goodies to brighten everyone’s day. In addition, we have been sending out employee trivia. Each day, there is one question and the office is tasked with determining who selected each response. Yesterday’s question was, “Who is your celebrity crush?” and today’s is, “What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever collected?”

To say that these two little elves have brought some much-needed sugar and laughs to the office would be a mild understatement.

But, I’ve digressed. Tomorrow’s question is, “What is one thing most people don’t know about you?” In the spirit of I’m probably not going to be working here for much longer, I figured what better time and easier way to make my pregnancy announcement than that. So, my response was, “I’m three months pregnant.” My colleague, Katie, and I are excited to see how many people think it’s her with the big reveal.

So, I’ll let you know how it goes!



I forgot to mention this yesterday, but on Saturday, we were at my favorite place ever: CostCo. It was insane there… the dairy section was a total zoo. As I battled carts and oncoming traffic, I suddenly got an overwhelming feeling of dizziness / “Holy Shit, I’m going to pass out.” I’ve never passed out in my life, so I was a little shaken by the whole thing. I don’t know if it was because the feeling made me uncomfortable and a little scared or because it was simply long-lasting, but the whole experience lasted at least 30 or so minutes. Then, yesterday, while I was in the midst of my BINGO madness, I got the feeling again. Thankfully, I was sitting down so it wasn’t as bad, but I really hope that this isn’t something that’s going to happen very often. I don’t enjoy it.

I looked it up last night, and apparently, dizziness is quite common. In fact, my mom was put on disability during one of her pregnancies because she kept passing out. Here’s the article I read if you’re interested: Dizziness in the Second Trimester.

2 thoughts on “What’s One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You?

  1. I think that is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy at work! I love it! I work in a REALLY small place with all men, so I may just put my ultrasound pics on the fridge with a little note underneath saying “Who’s having a baby?” with 2 of the guys listed and myself with some check boxes to “vote”…I know most of the check marks will go to the guys cause that’s just the kind of people I work with…The dizzy things sounds scary, I hope this is only a couple time thing! Good thoughts your way!

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