Feeling Lucky

Not only am I a jolly pregnant lady with an amazing husband (who will be an amazing pops)…

How cute is he practicing with our friend's sweet little babe??

How cute is he practicing with our friend’s sweet little babe??


BUT, on top of that, I get to go play BINGO instead of working today. My boss, colleague and I like to pick an afternoon every month or two to get together and have “Department Bonding Time.” This month’s merry activity is BINGO and I couldn’t be more excited. I have my good luck charms all picked out and am ready to dobber up a storm. And hey, maybe I’ll even win a few bucks. I’ve been practicing my BINGO cry and think I’m ready for a big win!

Wish me luck!



I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Nausea seems to be gone… and actually, I don’t seem to be waking up every night to pee anymore. One thing that hasn’t changed too much is how tired I am. But, I’ve been attempting to power through it… minus yesterday, when I made it my goal to become one with my couch. Other than that, the biggest thing seems to be my tummy, which is puffing out a bit. At moments, I actually find it a little cute. Not a super cute baby bump quite yet, but it has potential.

I’ve also decided that I need to get my cravings and bad eating habits in check. My first trimester seemed to be laced with pig-out sessions and bad food choices, but now that I’m feeling back to normal, I’m determined to get my shit together. Goodbye candy (yes, I’ve been eating 1-5 tootsie rolls and starbursts a day – not necessary), goodbye Christmas cookies… hello vegetables, whole foods, and healthy living. I’ve been doing pretty well at working out 3-4 times a week and am feeling good about that. I feel like the better shape I’m in, the better off I’ll be to power through delivery. So, despite the freezing temps (this am it was literally 2 degrees F), I’m committed to dragging my ass to the gym, getting in some yoga, and keeping my body in the best shape possible. I mean, my job is to create a happy and healthy home for my little babe, right?



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