Weekend Recap: Announcements, Celebrations, Shopping & More

We had a pretty busy and fun weekend. On Friday, we went downtown to meet up with our two friends for their first night out on the town since having their sweet little baby and a couple other folks. Due to the intimate size of the group and the quiet bar we selected, they all seemed to notice that my soda water was sans vodka. The waitress didn’t help either with her obnoxious little comments… “One water, straight up!” Thanks, lady.

Honestly, I don’t think it really mattered, because we were just not on our A game. At one point pretty early on, they asked Mark if I was drinking and as he lied, he nervously knocked his entire drink all over his lap. Anyway, we ended up telling them we were trying to get pregnant and left it at that. Sheesh.

Saturday was a nice little day with my mom. After we got our nails done with my sister, mom took me shopping for some maternity clothes. All of my clothes still fit, but I just feel a little fatter in them. My tum is sticking out a bit and to mask it, I’ve been dressing like a frump. So, being the amazing lady that she is, mom took me to get some new items… and play around a bit.

How am I going to be able to walk?

How am I going to be able to walk?

After our FULL day of shopping, we met back up with the boys and the four of us (mom, dad, Marky and I) went to dinner and a movie. We saw About Time, which I really enjoyed. I just love Rachel McAdams.

Grub time.

Grub time.

Sunday was pretty special as well. In the morning, we got together with the family to celebrate my sweet little niece’s 2nd birthday.

Make a wish!

Make a wish!

Then, I met up with my girlfriends for an afternoon full of surprises. We met up at Louise’s in Brookfield, which I have to mention was pretty terrible. During lunch, we were all talking about engagements when my friend Erica, who recently got engaged, flung out her ring-bearing hand and announced that her and her man had gotten engaged. The girls jumped up for hugs and screams and were just so excited.

Erica and I had schemed to get the ladies there that afternoon by telling them I had won tickets to a Christmas decorations show put on by the American Cancer Society. In reality, we had scheduled a dress fitting at Bliss Bridal, a local bridal dress salon. It was so much fun to watch little Erica get all dolled up and just spend time with the lovely ladies.

Once the dress-up session was over, I told the girls that out of guilt for lying to them about the Christmas show, I bought them all an ornament. Suspiciously, the girlies opened their ornaments to find this inside…

Baby Announcement Ornament

Baby Announcement Ornament

My husband thought it was a bit too much and a bit too creepy. I found it funny… creepy funny, but still funny! Anyway, after all the anticipation of telling my friends, it was finally out there! It was a huge relief to tell them and felt good to share the excitement of our new little family member. 

After all that excitement, I went home and just crashed in my husbands arms. It was a busy and wonderful weekend, but I think I might need another weekend to recover!



Holy nauseous. What is happening? Beginning last night, I’ve been feeling pretty darn uneasy. Brushing my teeth this morning literally turned my body inside out with a gag that I can only imagine looked like my cat coughing up a hairball. Oofta. I hope this fades. Between wanting to throw up and feeling exhausted, today is a bit rough.

Wait, what’s that? I think my bed is calling me…

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