Wait, what? My First Ultrasound Experience.

Wait, what?

That’s the best way to describe my ultrasound appointment this past Friday. First of all, I had to drink my weight in water to fill up my bladder, which was absolutely horrible. I could barely walk and when I laid down on the table, you could visibly see my bladder bulging out of my body. Anyway, the tech explained that since I wasn’t very far along, they would have to do an internal ultrasound anyway, as that’s what they always do this early in a pregnancy, but took some measurements of my uterus and ovaries externally first. (My first, “wait, what?” moment.) Why the heck would they put me through the water torture if they were going to stab me with the internal ultrasound wand anyway? That seems cruel.

Anyway, they finally allowed me to pee, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I must have been peeing for 3 minutes straight.

When I got back into the room, the tech had wheeled in the internal ultrasound machine (“wait, what” moment # 2). My reaction only got worse when the tech explained that I would have to insert the ultrasound… wand… into my lady part myself and then she would take over. Uhhh… what? That made for an interesting little experience for the tech, my husband and I to share. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Mark’s face. But, mine will have to suffice (note the scary wand)…

Wait, you want me to do what with that?

Wait, you want me to do what with that?

Honestly though, it wasn’t that bad. After I got over the whole awkwardness of the request and the appearance of the “wand,” I didn’t really notice.

Then came the good part… seeing our baby and seeing her little heartbeat (124 beats per minute)!

First glimpse of our tiny little baby!

First glimpse of our tiny little baby!

BUT, then came my next surprising moment. Our little baby who we thought was measuring over a half inch was actually less than a centimeter! This led the tech to estimate my progress at 6.5-7 weeks, versus the 8+ we had been told before. I know it’s only a week or so off, but I guess I feel a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to the relief of hitting the 8 week mark with a solid heartbeat. From what I’ve heard, though, just hearing the heartbeat is already a very good sign. So I should probably just feel grateful for that and stop over thinking it. Although, for a controlling person like myself, it drives me a little nuts to not really know how far along I am… hopefully when I see the doctor this Thursday, she’ll provide me with a little clarity.

Anyway, more importantly, I’d like to introduce our little baby blob… meet Baby Lang:


Baby Lang!

Baby (Blob) Lang!



The latest and greatest is getting super nauseous before and as I get hungry. It’s so annoying. First I’m sick to my stomach, then I’m hungry and also want to throw up… so lovely! The trick seems to be powering through it and eating. Once I get a decent base of food in me, the nausea goes away. Other than that, I’m still quite sleepy. BUT, feeling happy and excited.

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