The Pregnancy Pillow

I’ve been practicing sleeping on my side with little success. To help in my efforts, I’m looking to purchase a pregnancy pillow, but I need a little help. I’ve looked at a ton online and read reviews, and here are the two that have stood out the most to me…

1. Today’s Mom® Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Cozy Comfort










This pillow is $79.99 with free shipping, no returns, when purchased here

The Pros: 

  • It’s HUGE – talk about being engulfed in a pillow.
  • There’s support for your giant belly.
  • It has a large, rectangular area for your head to rest.
  • It looks SUPER comfortable


The Cons:

  • This thing is $80!
  • It’s HUGE! Thankfully, we have a King-Sized bed, but I don’t see how this and a husband could fit in a Queen-Sized Bed
  • It doesn’t have the wedge/incline to help relieve pressure on your arm and reduce acid reflux, etc.
  • No returns.


2. Bump Nest Relief System

Preg System








This pillow is $199.99 with free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, when purchased here

The Pros: 

  • Again, this pillow is pretty big!
  • The wedge props you up to help reduce acid reflux.
  • The wedge has a cut-out for your arm so your poor arm doesn’t have to support your body weight.
  • Love the colors.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


The Cons:

  • If you thought $80 was bad… this this is almost $200!!
  • The area for your head is rounded, which isn’t always the best.


Has anyone out there tried one of these? Or have you tried a different pillow that you’ve loved? I want to buy one soon, so any help you can provide is MUCH appreciated!


6 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Pillow

  1. I had a Snoogle. It’s not as big as the ones you posted, but it was a lifesaver. The first one looks the most comfy to me, but you might wind up sleeping alone because of its size.

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