I’ve got the itch…

The pregnant belly itch, that is! Beginning on Friday night, I had the itchiest dang belly ever. So much so, that it woke me up in the middle of the night all weekend. I have some argan oil next to my bed that I literally squeeze onto my belly (usually around 2 am) and then quickly go back to sleep.

I’ve been trying to combat the itch by loading up on Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion – compliments of my sister – the argan oil, any other lotion I find nearby, and am trying to drink as much water as possible. I’m hopeful that the combination will make my itching short-lived… or at least help in the prevention of evil stretch marks.

Besides the itching, the weekend was pretty low-key, just as I had hoped. We saw Last Vegas with my parents on Friday, which was actually entertaining and silly, did some cleaning / winter-prep around the house on Saturday and Sunday, and had Mark’s dad and step mom (Amy) over for a birthday dinner on Sunday evening. Because they were away for Amy’s son’s wedding in Hawaii, we hadn’t told them about the little baby boo yet. So, that was pretty fun! We used the same card and pregnancy test that we had used for our mothers, and actually, Mark’s dad seemed to register the note the quickest. They seem very excited for us.

Our "Hey, we're pregnant" card!

Our “Hey, we’re pregnant” card!

Other than that, I got a good amount of rest this weekend and am feeling pretty good… minus the fact that it’s Monday, which means another week of work. On the positive, only two more days until our first appointment and we have family coming into town next week for my mom’s birthday party… so I have a feeling, this month is just going to fly!


As mentioned, I’ve got the itch. Other than that, I’ve been finding that my prenatal vitamin has been causing some severe nausea and a bit of a headache. It takes about an hour from the time I take the pill to the time the symptoms begin, but once they do, it’s pretty bad. I’m guessing it lasts about 45 or so minutes, which isn’t awful, but it’s definitely not pleasant.

In terms of exhaustion, I’m feeling better than I was at the beginning of last week, but I will say that I’m still pretty darn tired come 2:30 pm. That seems to be the magical time where my brain shuts off and my body starts begging for sleep. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t feel appropriate to put my head down at my desk. Plus, when I get to that point, it doesn’t feel like a cat nap will do it. My body is looking for some serious rest.

I also seem to have random waves of nausea throughout the day, especially when I’m getting hungry. It’s kind of a pain. I’ll feel nauseous until all of a sudden I’m ravenous.

BUT, enough complaining. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty great considering I’m sharing my energy and my body with another person. And, I’m feeling very excited. I’m thinking a grey and white nursery. Maybe later this week I’ll post some inspiration photos.

One more thing before I go, seems like the chat with the husband really helped. He’s been wonderful and amazing. Very sweet and nurturing.

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