Sleep Regression

As a lovely side effect of Charlotte’s cold, she’s suffering (well, we’re all suffering) from some major sleep regression. The girl does NOT want to go to sleep. Maybe it’s because we’ve been coddling her or she’s getting used to us coming in at night or maybe it’s her stuffy nose… I have no idea.

What I do know is that she has been crying every time we put her down. Whether it’s for a nap or bedtime.

It’s horrible.

Not just because I HATE when she cries, but also because she’s walking scooting around with red circles under her eyes, yawning non-stop. She needs sleep.

Last night we had to go in at least twice to suction her nose, rock her around, nurse her… beg her to sleep. Ya know, the norm.

Today, nap one is rocky. I just put her down and even before I put her in her crib, she wasn’t having it. So, she cried for a few minutes and now is awake and quiet in the pack and play (I can hear her scratching her nails on the vinyl over the monitor). PLEASE, BABY… close those eyes!

Ugh… she’s crying again…

Wish me luck!