Terms of Endearment

I don’t know about you, but I am a total nickname person. I rarely call my husband by his name unless I’m mad, at which time it usually sounds more like, “Mark – kah.” Otherwise, he’s Marky or Babe or Baby… or Lovey… or Marcus… you get the idea… I love nicknames.

When it comes to Charlotte, the same holds true. That small child has SO many nicknames, it’s a little crazy.

So, before I forget them or before she demands I call her “Char” or something way cooler than anything I currently call her, I thought I’d get them all down on the record.

  1. Charlie (this is probably the most common)
  2. Bunny (this or any of the following variations are the second most common)
  3. Bunny Girl
  4. Bun Bun
  5. Bun Buns
  6. Bunzo
  7. Bunzo Benini
  8. Lovey Girl
  9. Charlie Girl
  10. Charlie Pie
  11. Charlie Face (this is a Mark nickname)
  12. Charlie Poo (Mark again)
  13. Sasquatch (this is what we call her when she’s sassy)
  14. Tiny Person
  15. Tiny Face

And those not used as frequently…

  1. Sassy face
  2. Sassy pants
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Baby

I feel like that’s all of them… am I missing any?

Does anyone else do this or is my sweet little lady the only one who took forever to learn her name(s) because she has so many!