The End to Nursing

I realized that I never posted about “weaning” Charlie. As I’ve mentioned a million times, I absolutely loved nursing my little lady. It was SUCH precious time together and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to do so. Not to mention, as a side, that at 17 months, Charlotte has yet to need any form of antibiotic. Healthy little chickadee.

Anyway, I digress.

Up until 11 months, I nursed her 4-a million times per day (clearly a million was as an infant and 4 was at a year) and pumped once… BUT, once I hit 11ish months, I stopped pumping. I had enough milk to last until she was a year and at one year, we gave her cow’s milk anytime I wasn’t there to nurse her. (I hated pumping with a deep burning passion. Cheers to all you mommas who do it way more than that. I don’t know how you do it.)

So, how long were we able to breastfeed? Charlie and I made it 14.5 months! I think we both would have gone longer if it weren’t for the fact that my supply literally disappeared almost instantly upon me getting pregnant.

It was actually quite sad. We went from nursing 3-4 times per day to pretty much having to stop cold turkey.

Charlotte would go to nurse and would pull off because she wasn’t getting any milk. It was actually really sad.

She would point to my chest, and through sobs say, “dat” and sign “milk.”

Thankfully, this gut-wrenching experience only lasted for a few days until she got used to the bottle.

The only time it ever really came up after those first few days to a week was when we would bring her in our bed for Saturday/Sunday morning snuggles. Again, we started bringing a bottle into bed with her and that seemed to eliminate the tears.

And just like that, we were done.

It’s funny because it’s been a non-issue for over a month now, when all of a sudden the other day, it came up again. I was changing and C happened to be in the room. She pointed at my chest. I knelt down to start my explanation of the female anatomy when she came towards me, mouth open.

I laughed and explained that she used to drink from mommy’s breasts, but not anymore. Soon, mommy would feed her new little brother or sister, just as I had fed her.

She laughed, shook her head “yup” and we moved on.


Nipple Biter

I’ve heard stories of babies biting their mommas’ nips while nursing. I’ve read about moms who sternly tell their baby “No!” and remind them to be gentle. I’ve read about babies who break down in tears at this reprimand and mommies who feel terrible for making their baby cry.

That was not my experience.

I put Charlotte down for her nap and after about a half hour, she was still fussing and complaining. I decided to go back in her “nursery” (aka the conference room at work) to feed her a bit more. Typically when it takes her this long to sleep, she’s either pooped in her dipe or didn’t get enough milk.

Anyway, I went in and fed her. I could tell she was in a punchy mood. She was all over the place. Pulling on my necklace, hanging on the spindles of the rocking chair, being a goof.

So, I’m feeding her and everything is fine until… CHOMP!

I instantly pulled her back from my body and very sternly said “NO! That hurts. You have to be gentle with mommy.” She looked at me as if she was really taking in my words, and then got the biggest stinker of a grin on her face and started chuckling.

I repeated myself, “Charlotte, that’s not funny. You hurt mommy when you bite her. You have to be gentle.”

She then reached out and grabbed my nipple, which sent her roaring once again.

Needless to say, mealtime was over.

I fear for my nipples.