Territory Marking

Every single time I say a good word about my pets, one of them goes and does something to prove me wrong.

This time, it was sweet little innocent Toby (please, please sense my sarcasm). Charlotte and I were at my office. We were standing somewhat near the front door with a coworker and my parents chatting. All of a sudden I looked down and noticed Toby standing next to Charlotte.

“What the $&@!”

As I came out of my state of shock and disbelief, I realized that Toby had waltzed his sassy butt over, lifted his leg and was in the process of peeing on my sweet little girl!

I grabbed Charlotte (who was in the same state of shock as her mommy) and handed her to my mother so I could have a “chat” with Toby.

Then, I started to clean up Charlotte, whose socks, pants and bunny were covered in dog urine.

To my surprise, Charlotte seemed to understand the entire thing and proceeded to explain the situation… Over and over and over again.

She would point to Toby and say, “Daby (aka Toby) blah blah blah eh ba ba ho hum.” Then she’d point to one foot and the other.

“Yeah. Toby peed on your feet, right?” I’d say in response.

“Yeah!” Said C.

She went to every single person in the office and “explained” what happened at least 2 times. 

It was just about the silliest thing ever. Here’s a video after she was winding down on the story telling…

  That happened on Tuesday, and she’s still talking about it!

In fact, yesterday when she told Nana, she began scolding Toby. “No! No, no, no!”

I reminded her that we had forgiven Toby and that we still loved him. She gave him kisses.

Lucky for Toby, Charlotte made it a pretty adorable little occurrence. Otherwise, he might still be in trouble.

Charlie & Her Puppy

Poor Charlie… she LOVES her puppy, but he just doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

She literally lights up when the pup comes near. Her eyes widen as she flails her body towards the puppy grasping desperately for his soft puppy fur. This affectionate act is usually rejected with a gentle growl or bark as Toby the Wonderpup scurries away.

Maybe one day he’ll learn to love her… and for his sake, I hope it’s soon, because once this tiny chiquita learns to crawl, he’s in big trouble.

Thankfully, the two times she’s used her death grip on poor Toby’s fur, he just stood there shaking until we unclenched her little clam hands. Poor Tobes.

These two need to learn to play nicely 🙂

But for now, it’s pretty silly to watch (please note that after review of the video, Mark noticed that Charlie Girl hit Toby and was not just trying to play. Sorry, Toby!)…

Just let me pet you!

Just let me pet you!

Going in for the face!

Going in for the face!

Heeerrreee, puppy puppy!

Heeerrreee, puppy puppy!

Whatcha playing with??

Whatcha playing with??

Yeah, okay... I'll play, too!

Yeah, okay… I’ll play, too!

You don't mind, right?

You don’t mind, right?

Not forced at all... :)

Not forced at all… 🙂

Just out of arm's reach.

Just out of arm’s reach.

She's not so bad when she's sleeping!

She’s not so bad when she’s sleeping!