Charlie & Her Puppy

Poor Charlie… she LOVES her puppy, but he just doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

She literally lights up when the pup comes near. Her eyes widen as she flails her body towards the puppy grasping desperately for his soft puppy fur. This affectionate act is usually rejected with a gentle growl or bark as Toby the Wonderpup scurries away.

Maybe one day he’ll learn to love her… and for his sake, I hope it’s soon, because once this tiny chiquita learns to crawl, he’s in big trouble.

Thankfully, the two times she’s used her death grip on poor Toby’s fur, he just stood there shaking until we unclenched her little clam hands. Poor Tobes.

These two need to learn to play nicely 🙂

But for now, it’s pretty silly to watch (please note that after review of the video, Mark noticed that Charlie Girl hit Toby and was not just trying to play. Sorry, Toby!)…

Just let me pet you!

Just let me pet you!

Going in for the face!

Going in for the face!

Heeerrreee, puppy puppy!

Heeerrreee, puppy puppy!

Whatcha playing with??

Whatcha playing with??

Yeah, okay... I'll play, too!

Yeah, okay… I’ll play, too!

You don't mind, right?

You don’t mind, right?

Not forced at all... :)

Not forced at all… 🙂

Just out of arm's reach.

Just out of arm’s reach.

She's not so bad when she's sleeping!

She’s not so bad when she’s sleeping!

7 thoughts on “Charlie & Her Puppy

  1. Ha, ha. Awwww!!
    Yeah, my two cats aren’t quite sure what to make of baby Brady. Our black one is doing quite well, but the gray cat is acting all hurt that he isn’t the baby of the family anymore. 😉 I’m trying to play with him once in awhile so that he doesn’t feel so left out. 🙂

  2. Oliver has really started noticing our dog lately. Our dog is big. The walker puts them at eye level. My dog stays near Oliver no matter where he is. It’s very cute.

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