And She’s Off!

Charlie has been lunging herself all around for the past couple of weeks… But today, the real deal started. I put her on the floor, she popped up on all fours and then instead of rocking back and forth, she lifted her hand.

I yelled for Mark and said, “I think this is it! She’s going to start crawling.”

She’s lifted her arm before, but something about her stance and the way she kept placing her hand back on the ground was different.

So Mark came in the room and after a about 3 minutes of her just staring at us smiling, she did it! It was wobbly and uncoordinated at first, but quickly, she got the hang of it.

About 20 minutes into her crawling debut, she had already crossed the room over to her dresser where she proceeded to open and close the drawer.


Guess it’s time to baby proof.