5 Days Post Due Date

Last night I woke up at 11:30 or so from my first “painful” contraction. I put the word painful in quotes because I know it will get worse and really, it wasn’t terrible. Anyway, I had the thought of, “this could be it,” but thankfully was able to get back to sleep. Alas, this was not it and here I am on day 5 post due date.

Today I am back at work after having Monday and Tuesday off, which has been nice. I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible and really tie up loose ends. My productivity was interrupted; however, by an appointment to go see my friend’s momma who has SO GRACIOUSLY offered to attempt to fix my dress for the wedding I’m in this weekend.

I had been putting off getting the dress tailored until I had a better idea as to what my body would look like. As you might imagine, I did not think it would look like it does today, which is ginormous. In fact, I was hopeful that I’d have a 2-3 week old baby by the time the wedding hit. Clearly not the case.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was going to be a huge job because last time I tried on the dress, it seemed like everything fit but the chest portion. Turns out, this is not the case anymore. My friend’s mom is adding in 5 inches of fabric from top to bottom in attempts of making this dress fit. The challenge? I only have extra fabric for the top, chiffon layer, not the bottom layer of fabric. So, while we did the best we could to match, the underlay fabric is a bit darker. Oy. I’m going to be a fat, sweaty, disheveled mess. Hopefully it will magically turn out perfectly.

As a little pick me up, I did grab an ice cream cone form Baskin Robbins on my way back to work. So that was nice… maybe not what I needed, as I’m clearly pretty giant, but helpful… from a mental standpoint. I’m feeling great again 🙂

Minus my feet that is. Holy smokes. Yesterday I spent about 6 hours sitting at our kitchen counter and when I finally looked down at the damage to my feet, it was too late! They were SO swollen… like, I’ve never seem them look worse… they’re flippers.

I'm sorry, but what is that limb? I don't recognize it...

I’m sorry, but what is that limb? I don’t recognize it…

Oy. They’re a little better today, but I can literally feel them jiggle when I walk. That’s just not good. Other than that, check out these fun pics I rediscovered yesterday from our honeymoon…

Swinging in Fiji

Swinging in Fiji

My hubbers.

My hubbers.

Perfection in a single sunset.

Perfection in a single sunset.

Pre-Honeymoon Cali Goodness... Look how agile I was.

Pre-Honeymoon Cali Goodness… Look how agile I was.

Me & my guy.

Me & my guy.

4 thoughts on “5 Days Post Due Date

  1. I couldn’t help myself but to giggle while You talked about the dress and you will Feel in it . No 40+ week pregnant girl wants to be in a bridesmaids dress … Comfy pants , tshirt and no bra is about it … Poor thing – your such a good friend for doing that but I hope you go into labor to relieve you of discomfort . Best of luck 😉

  2. When I stopped by to chat with JGB tonight, he and the balcony muppets were asking about your pregnancy / baby progress. I showed the pic of your foot / flipper.

    JGB said, and I quote: “Oh! Good Lord! Look at that thing!” And then proceeded to laugh till he turned quite red.

    I think they miss you?

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