Spring Break for Besties

Charlotte’s school runs on a typical public school calendar, so last week, her school was closed. Of course, this meant we were in a childcare shuffle. We had originally planned to put C in a random school for a week, which I was DREADING. I envisioned lots of tears and heartache and guilt.

THANKFULLY, my amazing neighbor offered to take C for the week. Her daughter has become C’s legit BFF. Like, who even knew that almost 3 year olds were capable of such a BFF status… but these girls have it. They had the BEST time playing together all week and my neighbor is amazing. She made BEAUTIFUL pictures with the girls, helped them build pillow forts, and just showed them the best time ever. These photos are literally just everything. I love them. And honestly, I love the friendship between the two girls.

Ellie, my friend’s daughter, also goes to C’s school (only 2 days a week), so this little spring break has really helped to enhance an already great friendship. So cute.

Elyse (me neighbor) told me that the girls were playing “school” and pretending to drop the kid off at school and say goodbye. HAHA!

Apparently, Charlotte fell and Ellie ran over to take care of her…

Rainy Day Forts!

Here are a few pics from the weekend before. We spent the day with the neighbors as a fam… cookout and all!

The “Man Date” HAHA!

A quick afternoon wine tasting… of course!

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