Running the Bases

Two or so weeks ago, my parents took the kids, Mark & I to a baseball game. Charlie LOVED it – per usual. Henry… oh Henry. He was a little crazy man… per usual. He climbed all over me, got busted with his little paws in some random kid’s bag of peanuts, was grabbing everyone’s stuff (including the lady next to me) and was just all over the place (generally speaking).

It was a Sunday (family day), so after the game, we took Charlie to run the bases for the FIRST TIME EVER! Of course, it was a dang Cubs game, so we had to wait FOREVER! Literally, we probably waited like 45+ minutes… maybe an hour?

Anyway, it was hilarious. She did such a great job, but couldn’t quite make it till the end. Her “sanals” (sandals) picked up too many pebbles.

Henry thought everyone behind us was staring at him… he LOVED it!


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